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Chromium Picolinate - 90 caps

Chromium Picolinate from BIG is a fabulous product of Pure Big Series that helps you enjoy all the splendid qualities of chromium, which is combined with picolinic acid. Among its benefits, it stands out for promoting slimming and magnificent muscle definition, stimulates the metabolism of fats, keeps the appetite at bay, and normalizes the levels of glucose.

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    Chromium Picolinate from BIG contains chromium in its purest form, but with greater and splendid absorption.

    Chromium Picolinate from BIG is a fantastic nutritional supplement that is essentially composed of chromium, however, to ensure the magnificent absorption of such a substantial mineral, picolinic acid has been added.

    Chromium Picolinate from BIG is ideal for sports and/or weight loss diets because it works superbly on the metabolism of fats, helping to lose weight without significantly losing muscle mass. In addition, it suppresses the appetite and balances sugar levels.

    Chromium is an incredible mineral that provides essential qualities for your magnificent health, however, to ensure that this is absorbed beautifully, it is combined with picolinic acid, which results in a splendid compound known as Chromium Picolinate. Basically, Chromium Picolinate from BIG is a nutritional supplement based on chromium, but much more efficient than common products similar to this one. And, of course, it is easier to absorb, therefore, sportsmen and/or people who strive to lose weight take it frequently, precisely, to enjoy all its prodigious advantages.

    Chromium Picolinate from BIG has the very wonderful function of acting positively on the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, so it is excellent to facilitate extra weight loss, even in stages of definition. It is a very good option, as it helps to reduce fat and define the musculature very deeply, and most importantly, it achieves this without damaging the muscle mass. Furthermore, chromium picolinate stimulates protein synthesis to a certain extent. Also, those who consume this splendid supplement based on chromium may notice a decrease in voracious hunger because Chromium Picolinate from BIG suppresses the appetite and balances the sugar levels very conveniently.

    Chromium Picolinate from BIG is the best way to supplement the chromium mineral in the diet, and more, if you do intense activities, as the body tries harder, and therefore, a greater amount of nutrients is required. In fact, for athletes a deficiency of chromium is not an option, therefore, it is best to ensure its presence with a supplement as good as Chromium Picolinate from BIG.

    Facts of Chromium Picolinate from BIG:

    • Composed of chromium and picolinic acid.
    • Offers a greater and super assimilated absorption of chromium.
    • Acts very positively on the metabolism of fats and/or carbohydrates.
    • Superbly supports weight reduction and muscle definition.
    • Regulates sugar levels, and help regulate appetite.

    People who take the fabulous Chromium Picolinate from BIG facilitate the process to be much slenderer or with a superbly defined figure, so, do not stay without the dose of chromium picolinate your body needs. Consume this substantial mineral and enjoy all its exceptional qualities.

    Recommended use: the wonderful Chromium Picolinate from BIG is recommended taken together with meals, 1 capsule a day, with plenty of water, preferably.

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