BIG is the line by Universal McGregor that provides sports supplements for extreme performance in muscle development and high performance. BIG is a perfect brand name for a set of supplements that offer extraordinary results. This line covers all the needs of the athletes regarding maximum muscular development and power in training and offers an extreme and continuous impulse to eliminate limits.


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Big Amino Phisyc, the perfect combination of amino acids that enhances muscle strength and performance; Big Builder, for extreme growth; Big Diablo, the powerful fat burner, Big Creabig, the creatine free from impurities with an unmatched flavor; Big Kong, the no limits mass gainer, and other multiple products of high quality, like Big Mambo, Big Phoenix, Big Reload, Big Wolf, Glutation and Pro Femme, among others, manage to satisfy the needs of high power athletes.

The company Universal Mc Gregor is made up of professionals from different sectors who work with the philosophy of the company, combining nutrition with naturopathy and other disciplines of natural medicine to obtain products of greater effectiveness with healthy formulas for the needs of athletes.

The BIG line counts on the quality of this company that works with the best raw materials and creates innovative formulas of high potential making flavor to be one of the outstanding characteristics of these extreme performance products. The staff demonstrates the excellent results of each of the products, in athletes from all sport areas and disciplines. This is a further guarantee of the results offered by the Big Line and the high-end sports supplements from Universal Mc Gregor.

BIG is a perfect brad name for a set of extreme supplements that offer extraordinary results, which cover all the needs of athletes for maximum muscle development and power in training. Each of the products meets the pre, intra and post workout needs for a constant evolution in work power, muscle mass development and an extreme level boost to eliminate boundaries on performance.