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Whole Rice Pancakes 4x2 - 130g

Whole Rice Pancakes 4x2 from Bicentury, sold in packets of 130 grams, offer the public an ideal meal for health. They have a low amount of fat and a controlled level of calories. They are also coated with white chocolate and a yogurt aroma that gives an exquisite sensation to the palate.

    Whole Rice Pancakes 4x2 from Bicentury, low in fat and coated with light chocolate, ideal for looking after the figure and lose weight.

    Whole Rice Pancakes 4x2 from Bicentury, in its format of 130 g, is a natural and healthy food supplement, based on brown rice. This, in turn, is coated with a layer of white chocolate that gives an extremely special flavor. Likewise, it has an exquisite yogurt aroma that turns this food into a delicious dessert that fascinates everyone.

    Each packet contains a total of 8 succulent pancakes. In addition, only skim milk is used as the main ingredient in its preparation. Each of these pancakes brings to the body a total of 73 calories, making it an ideal meal to replenish energy in case of a demanding exercise program. Also, one of its amazing advantages is that each pancake has a low amount of fats, which implies few risks of obesity. This is how Whole Rice Pancakes 4x2 from Bicentury are perfect for your health. Likewise, they are a 100% natural food, very tasteful and that can be used as dessert on all occasions.

    Rice is a food whose virtues are recognized for weight loss and is widely used in various diets. It is quickly digested, which ensures the fats consumed are eliminated with real speed. However, the traditionally consumed rice, the so-called "white rice", which is the result of eliminating the husk of the grain. In contrast, brown rice is darker in color and has greater health benefits. It has the advantage of having more fiber. For this reason, it is much better for improving the digestive processes. Likewise, it turns out that glycemic index is much lower and generates a feeling of fullness that brings in consequence a lower consumption of food. In that sense, it helps to lose weight quite effectively. These advantages are obtained with the consumption of Whole Rice Pancakes 4x2 from Bicentury, which also has a delicious flavor that makes them an ideal dessert.

    Facts of Whole Rice Pancakes 4x2 from Bicentury

    • Sold in packets of 130 grams
    • Made of brown rice
    • With a layer of white chocolate
    • Skimmilk
    • 73 calories per unit
    • A small amount of sugar
    • Good dose of fibers

    Thanks to these brown rice pancakes, people have a food that serves as a dessert. They are 100% natural and delicious. Ideal to accompany the daily diet as an occasional snack.

    Recommended Use: these pancakes are a perfect dessert after any meal. Also, you can take this producto to anywhere and eat it at any time. It is recommended to eat with liquids.

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