Whole Muffins from Bicentury are the perfect snack to eat at any time of the day. In addition to being soft, fresh and delicious, they are also prepared with ingredients low in fat, sugar and gluten with the aim of providing a highly healthy diet without giving up cravings. Rich in fiber and energy to have a good start daily.

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    Whole Muffins from Bicentury is a soft, fresh, delicious and highly healthy snack.

    Whole Muffins from Bicentury are the perfect snack for evenings, since they have a very appetizing flavor and a soft texture, besides, they are low in fat, sugar and gluten, totally recommendable to eat without feeling guilty. Muffins are similar to cupcakes, but have a smaller consistency and are generally preferred by people for being some of the most delicious breakfasts ever, however, most of the time when we go to the supermarket we find a variety of these with a high content of fats, sugars, calories and gluten, which are ingredients not so appropriate to lead a healthy lifestyle or control the diet.

    Eating these delicious snacks brings many benefits to the body, even more than we can think. First, they are rich in fiber to increase satiety, stimulate the intestinal transit and fight constipation. On the other hand, since they are prepared with wholemeal flour, they are usually easy to digest, making them suitable for those who want to control their diet and stay healthy. Also, they contain carbohydrates, essential to start the day with all the energy and reduce fatigue. Whole Muffins from Bicentury come in a handy presentation in sachets that retain all the softness and freshness of these delicious snacks to enjoy whenever you like and satisfy craving anywhere. Nor do they add colorings or preservatives, this being their main advantage to provide a natural food and likewise, very tasty. But there is no need to lose your temper, there are always nutritious and healthy alternatives that offer us the opportunity to continue enjoying snacks without giving up their taste. In this case, they are Whole Muffins from Bicentury, which are made from whole wheat flour, fructose, sunflower oil and pasteurized milk.

    Facts of Whole Muffins from Bicentury

    • Made from whole wheat flour, fructose, sunflower oil and pasteurized milk
    • Low in fat, sugar and gluten
    • Free of colorings or preservatives
    • Natural and tasty
    • Soft and fresh texture
    • Rich source of fiber
    • Provides satiety and improves intestinal transit
    • Easy to eat and digest
    • Provides energy throughout the day
    • Comfortable 195 g format, in sachets

    Bicentury is the preferred brand of food for people who take care of their health, always providing the ideal and tasty solutions such as Whole Muffins from Bicentury to keep appetite at bay and without giving up a delicious flavor.

    Recommended use: eat 1 Muffin at any time of the day, accompanied by water, juice, tea or coffee, according to preference.

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