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Sustituye Bar - 128g

Sustituye Bar from Bicentury are delicious protein bars ideal for maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet in a light and easy to consume. They are a simple and practical solution that allow you to be carefree by having calories at any time and place. In addition, available in three appetizing flavors to take care of the figure without giving up pleasure.

Sustituye Bar - 128g - Lemon Yogurt - OUTLET Outlet Sustituye Bar - 128g - Lemon Yogurt - OUTLET
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    Sustituye Bar from Bicentury: excellent bar to satisfy the appetite at any time of the day.

    Sustituye Bar from Bicentury are delicious and healthy substitute bars that help to lead a balanced diet without neglecting the intake of nutrients. It provides the necessary nutrients equivalent to one meal a day, and best of all, they are available in three flavors: Milk Chocolate, Black Chocolate and Lemon Yogurt to follow a low calorie diet without giving up on pleasure. Staying in shape can be a daunting task for many people, as it is no secret that most products found in the supermarket are high in fats, carbohydrates and sugars, ingredients that although they are tasty, impair metabolism and fatten incredibly. However, there are always healthy alternatives, and one of them is the Substitute Bar from Bicentury.

    This delicious snack is a complete and balanced way to eat one meal a day and forget to count calories or prepare salads for your diet. In addition, coming in a comfortable packet of 128 g makes the intake easier and without having to resort to the kitchen. Even people who carry a workout plan in a gym and want to enjoy a rich snack, but in a responsible way with the weight can incorporate a recommended ration of Substitute Bar from Bicentury since it provides 15 g of protein and is enriched with 10 vitamins and 10 minerals. Nor can we forget its high fiber source, an essential nutrient to increase the sensation of satiety, to improve the intestinal transit, to accelerate the digestion and to lose weight of easier way. In a nutshell, Substitute Bar from Bicentury is the ideal appetizer to say goodbye to ineffective meals in weight loss and start leading a healthy lifestyle and full powered by one of the best brands of nutrition.

    Facts of Sustituye Bar from Bicentury

    • Facilitates a balanced diet
    • Low calorie
    • Helps lose weight and control calorie intake
    • 15 g of protein
    • Enriched with 10 vitamins and 10 minerals
    • Delicious fiber source
    • Increases feeling of satiety for much longer
    • Available in Milk Chocolate, Black Chocolate and Lemon Yogurt
    • Packet of 128 g of 4 units

    Bicentury is a brand that stands out for offering products for the correct care of the body, responsible support of practical and nutritious solutions to control hunger and take advantage of diets. This time, it brings us the best replacement bar to control our calorie intake and improve our figure effectively.

    Recommended use: eat 2 sticks at any time of the day to substitute 1 meal.

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