Red detox from Bicentury, in its presentation of 7 sachets of 84 g is an excellent plan of 7 days with antioxidant effect, ideal to detoxify the organism and provide a better state of health. With pleasant taste and texture to enjoy a good cleaning and feel much lighter.

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    Red detox from Bicentury to detoxify the body in 7 days and enjoy better health.

    Red detox from Bicentury is a food supplement with an authentic recipe based on raspberry, strawberry, grape and beets that helps eliminate toxins and has an excellent antioxidant effect for the correct maintenance of health. In addition, for convenience, comes in a comfortable format of 7 sachets of 84 g, ideal to take a week and achieve an effective detoxification of the body. Red detox from Bicentury are shakes that mix fruits and vegetables to provide a nutritious dose to the body. However, its benefits are not only limited to detoxification, it is also perfect to lower blood cholesterol levels and are a really tasty alternative to provide the body with an excellent amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber, energy and fatty acids.

    The shake Red detox is a good choice to take at breakfast and start your day off to a good start, recommended for both health-conscious and sports-minded athletes wishing to combat free radicals. Also, you can drink anytime, anywhere, as it comes in a 7-sachet plan to take a week and achieve effective detoxification. It is only necessary to mix with water and that's it: a much healthier and lighter body. Likewise, its consumption is highly recommended for those who follow a diet to lose weight because Red detox from Bicentury by including fiber and fruits, provides the opportunity to stimulate the body to burn fat, eliminate fluid retention and improve the intestinal transit. It even stimulates weight control and appetite satisfaction for much longer. It is not necessary to resort to fruits or vegetables in whole formats, on the contrary, Bicentury already brings us all the advantages in a single drink with pleasant taste and creamy texture.

    Facts of Red detox from Bicentury

    • Authentic recipe based on raspberry, strawberry, grape and beet
    • Helps eliminate toxins and has an antioxidant effect
    • Stimulates weight loss
    • Helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood
    • Excellent source of fiber to increase satiety
    • Improves intestinal transit
    • 7 day plan with 7 sachets of 84 g to prepare comfortably
    • 100% healthy consumption

    Cleanse the body from time to time can prevent certain diseases, tiredness and nutritional deficits. However, Red detox from Bicentury is the alternative we were all hoping to eliminate toxins, gain more vigor during the day and enjoy better health.

    Recommended Use: in a glass of water (200 ml) mix 1 (84 g) of Red detox, then stir vigorously until complete dilution of the contents.

    Nuria 2017-10-22 12:07:40
    ¿Los detox sustituyen comidas?
    Hector 2017-10-23 10:07:09
    Buenos dias, no sustituye una comida, era para complementarlo con las comidas se toma en el desayuno,para desintoxicar el cuerpo durante 7 dias. gracias un saludo
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