Protein cookies from Bicentury are a delicious protein snack to eat between meals, supplement the diet and maintain the muscles. Enriched with iron and combined three types of proteins of different absorption speed to provide nutrients for much longer. Best of all, they help take care of the line without giving up the delicious taste of snacks.

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    Protein cookies from Bicentury, a protein snack to nibble between hours and contribute to muscle maintenance.

    Protein cookies from Bicentury are delicious and crunchy chocolate-coated cookies with a high protein content, even more than the usual bars found in the supermarket. Made with an authentic combination with 3 different types of quickly absorbed proteins to provide nutritional and protein consumption to people with high intensity workouts or those who wish to supplement a healthy diet. Protein Cookies are convenient and tasty snacks to control anxiety attacks and at the same time contribute to the proper muscle maintenance. Eating them sooner or later provides fast-absorbing nutrients for optimal recovery. In addition, they are rich in energy to replenish everything lost and be ready for the next exercise session.

    In addition, they contain an adequate supply of iron, a mineral of great importance for the organism since it contributes in the formation of muscle proteins and in the metabolization of certain enzymes. Normally, other protein snacks are limited to provide proteins to meet daily requirements, however, Protein Cookies have an excellent combination that incorporates the advantages of iron, provides 14% protein per cookie and contains 3 unique-speed proteins for not only offer a good protein snack at the time of eating, but also for much longer. For added convenience, Protein Cookies from Bicentury come in a convenient 144 g packet with flavors available in Chocolate and Pineapple, which also maintains all the freshness and scent of this nutritious snack. They can be eaten anywhere and accompanied by other foods, such as milkshakes, energy bars, etc. However, its benefits are not limited to the consumption of athletes, also people who wish to supplement the diet, eat something delicious between meals and follow a healthy lifestyle can incorporate a recommended ration to ingest and enjoy the best snack that brings us Bicentury.

    Facts of Protein cookies from Bicentury

    • High protein content
    • Exclusive combination of 3 different fast and progressive absorption proteins
    • Enriched with iron
    • Helps maintain the musculature and favor its respective recovery
    • Contributes energy
    • Available in Chocolate and Pineapple
    • Container of 144 g, which maintains all the freshness

    Bicentury is a brand committed to the care of the body and weight control, so this time brings us the delicious Protein Cookies to snack between meals, supplement the diet and maintain the muscles before, during or after intense sports trainings.

    Recommended use: eat 1 or 2 cookies between meals and in the case of athletes, eat before or after training.

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