Plan 10 Cellulitis - 20 sachets 70g

Plan 10 Cellulitis from Bicentury, 20 sachets 70 g, is your ideal ally to eliminate that annoying orange peel that can be caused by so many things such as a loss or gain of weight, the birth of a child or simply by the hormonal changes typical of women. Use it as indicated and you will see the expected results.

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    Plan 10 Cellulitis from Bicentury, ideal for stimulating fat loss.

    This new plan to combat "orange" legs has been designed by Bicentury, based on its extensive experience on the medicinal and beneficial properties of hundreds of products in nature. Although for many it may seem unimportant, the appearance of cellulitis may be reason enough to cause a drop in the self-esteem of women, who, because of metabolism, are more likely to suffer this problem.

    Plan 10 Cellulitis from Bicentury is a very smart plan for weight loss and, above all, to recover the smooth and natural shape of your legs, leaving aside that uncomfortable orange peel that makes so many women get a complex. The plan consists of concentrates of medicinal plants and other useful compounds that come in 20 sachets of 70 g. You should take them for 10 days, so you can see the expected effects. The main compounds of these sachets are; Green tea and grape seeds, plus zinc and vitamin C. These elements have been selected as it is known that, for example, green tea is capable of stimulating the degradation of fats, especially that which accumulates between the first layers of the skin and that is, to a large extent, responsible for your legs look like that way. On the other hand, both grape, zinc and vitamin C are responsible for keeping your skin healthy and smooth.

    Facts of Plan 10 Cellulitis from Bicentury

    • Stimulates the removal of fats.
    • Helps you to have healthy and smooth skin.
    • Zinc stimulates the creation of new tissue.
    • Grape extract contains a rich amount of antioxidants, essential to combat the effect of aging, which is especially noticeable on the skin.

    Bicentury has chosen the ideal ingredients, so that they can fulfill a double function; Repairing your skin both on the outside and inside. In addition, you can have the security and tranquility that the product that you are taking is completely natural, since these have been carefully selected from organic farms, free of pesticides and other elements that can act as toxins for your organism. For those who know about weight management and healthy eating, know that Bicentury has been the perfect ally for years, so there can be no doubt that this 10-day plan will be the ultimate solution for many women who suffer from the appearance of their legs.

    Recommended use: In order to get the desired effects from this product, you should take 2 sachets for 10 days, each packet contains 20 of these sachets. The most recommended way to take these two sachets is: one during the morning and another after lunch. The content of the sachet should be poured into the glass and then diluted with 200 ml of water.

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