Plan 10 from Bicentury is ideal for those who want to see results of weight loss in a short time. In only ten days, it is possible to reduce excess fats, thanks to its combination of green tea with dandelion. To this it is added that it is a powerful diuretic that eliminates the excess of liquids in the organism and makes people to have a slender silhouette.

Plan 10 - 20 sachets 128g

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    Plan 10 from Bicentury: the way to lose all that extra weight quickly, effectively and naturally.

    Plan 10 from Bicentury is a nutritional supplement based on green tea and dandelion whose unique combination of ingredients help control overweight. In fact, it is considered that its success is based on two main factors: the elimination of fats and liquids. The first is achieved thanks to the polyphenols included in the green tea extract, which stimulate the degradation of fats. For its part, dandelion is a plant recognized for facilitating the removal of liquids, which helps reduce the volume and have a silhouette both leaner and aesthetic. To this is added that the combination of green tea and dandelion also catapults the rapid burning of calories consumed in the daily diet, thus preventing them from being stored as lipids within the body. All this amount of goodness is obtained with the consumption of Plan 10 from Bicentury, which is offered to the public in a comfortable format and very easy to use, as it has straightforward instructions for consumption and application.

    An important fact is that Plan 10 from Bicentury is a ten-day treatment that helps improve the silhouette in the context of a low calorie diet. The latter is relevant, because in order to have the expected results it is necessary that the person consume a small amount of calories during the consumption of this product. It is necessary to name some of the advantages of this unique product, for instance, it greatly reduces adipose tissue. It increases the efficiency of calorie burning by preventing them from being absorbed by the metabolism in the form of lipids that generate overweight and can lead to cardiovascular problems. In addition, it proves to be an excellent diuretic, which means that it manages to evacuate a large amount of water from the body in a short time, allowing to reduce the silhouette in an effective way. It is a 100% natural alternative that has gained a lot of followers in a short time. Therefore, it is widely recommended for all those people who wish to lose weight in the short span of ten continuous days.

    Facts of Plan 10 from Bicentury

    • Sold in packes of 10 sachets
    • Each sachet contains 128 grams
    • Made with extracts of green tea and dandelion
    • Helps to degrade fats
    • Accelerates the burning of calories
    • Excellent for removing liquids
    • Losing weight in just a few days

    This product implies a complete treatment, a plan of use that during ten days guarantees to remove fats and to remove the excess of liquids from the organism.

    Recommended Use: take 2 sachets a day for 10 continuous days (morning and evening).

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