Lose weight - 20 sachets 76g

Lose weight from Bicentury, is made of Konjac extracts, thus giving the body an important dose of the fiber called glucomannan. The latter helps to capture a large amount of water in the stomach, thus generating a feeling of fullness and satiety that prevents consuming excess food.

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    Lose weight from Bicentury. Eliminate fluid retention and begin to lose weight in a healthy way.

    Lose weight from Bicentury is made from extracts of a plant known as Konjac. From it a substance called glucomannan is obtained, which is a soluble fiber with a series of characteristics that make it ideal for training plans aimed at eliminating overweight. This is because it is able to absorb a huge amount of water, thus forming a dense gel that helps to lose weight. On the other hand, this fiber accumulates enough fluids in the stomach which generates a feeling of satiety that prevents people from overeating, this being one of the core causes of obesity and intake of foods with too much fat or calories. In this way, the product Lose weight from Bicentury is a great help when it comes to following a diet, as it avoids getting out of it. Undoubtedly, its quality has been proven on many occasions, to the point that many doctors and nutritionists recommend it regularly.

    Konjac is a plant native to Southeast Asia, being very easy to find in Japan, China and even in Indonesian territories. It is a great source of starch and bulbs, being used by vegans as a substitute for gelatine. One of its great virtues is that it has glucomannan. This name refers to a very unique fiber and is famous because it can absorb up to 50 times its weight in water, being one of the most viscous fibers known in science. It is a high molecular weight polysaccharide, which also helps maintain glucose levels in the metabolism. Its great advantage within a diet is that it substitutes solid foods, especially fats, for water in an important way. Thanks to this, it makes the stomach feel satiated, thus preventing people from ingesting food between meals and breaking a strict diet to which they must submit. It is usually used precisely to avoid excesses in food that lead to overweight, obesity and harmful health consequences such as cardiovascular diseases.

    Facts of Lose weight from Bicentury

    • Made of Konjac extracts
    • Provides the body with the fiber called glucomannan
    • Generates a sensation of stomach satiety
    • Avoids overeating
    • Ideal for losing weight and being applied on strict diets

    This product is a supplement to diets that require people not to leave the food pattern, so that its role is to help maintain discipline in them.

    Recommended Use: pour the contents of the sachet into a glass. Add 200 ml of water and remove. Eat before meals and at night.

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