Sarialis Multi-cereal Stick from Bicentury, in its presentation of 93 grams, is one of the best options to have a diet rich in fibers and with a lot of nutrients. They provide a mixture of cereals of the most varied nature, among which we can indicate: wheat, rice, barley, sunflower, corn and many others. In this way, they become a very healthy alternative.

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    Sarialis Multi-cereal Stick from Bicentury, totally natural wholemeal stick to feed you in a healthy way.

    Sarialis Multi-cereal Stick from Bicentury are sold in a 93-gram format. It is characterized by mixing various cereals on a generic basis which includes cornflour, rice flour and dietary fiber. In this way, it achieves two objectives. The first concerns about a much more complex taste and a higher quality of texture on the palate. The second is that it brings a huge and diversified amount of nutrients to the body. In addition, the amount of fiber supplied in each intake is multiplied, so the digestive system is improved and the excess fat content ingested in the daily consumed foods is eliminated. In addition, they allow a diet rich in carbohydrates, which unlike carbohydrate foods, allows to maintain high calorie and energy levels, without affecting glucose levels or generating obesity. For all these reasons, Sarialis Multi-cereal Stick from Bicentury is advisable for those who do sport and need to reduce fat, as well as maintaining high amounts of energy to enjoy high-level physical performance.

    Cereals have been part of the basic diet of humans for many centuries. Ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece or Rome based their daily diet on cereals, which they used to store in huge barns to prevent times of scarcity. Today, the importance of them is still recognized. That's why food supplements such as Sarialis Multi-cereal Stick from Bicentury offer a mixture of different cereals, as well as getting the best of each of them in every bite. There are sticks with chocolate, milk, fiber, gluten-free for patients with celiac disease, as well as others that combine with wheat, barley, oats, sunflower or malt. When you taste them, you will feel in the mouth, tongue and palate a crunchy texture that releases a delicious mixture of flavors and exquisite textures. For this reason, they manage to alleviate the strictest diets and make people motivated to continue with diet programs aimed at both losing weight and leading a healthy life.

    Facts of Sarialis Multi-cereal Stick from Bicentury

    • Sold in packs of 93 grams
    • Combines different types of cereals: Wheat, rice, barley, sunflower, corn and more
    • Excellent fiber supply
    • Improves the digestive system in an evident way
    • Removes excess fats
    • 100% natural
    • Ingredients from organic farming

    Thanks to Sarialis Multi-cereal Stick from Bicentury, you get many benefits: fibers, vitamins, energy, fat removal and enjoyment of its matchless taste. They are exquisite!

    Recommended use: they are perfect to be eaten at all times. It can be after meals, as a dessert. Also as occasional snacks during the day.

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