Mini Corn Pancakes - 100g

Mini Corn Pancakes from Bicentury contain 100 grams of transgenic corn along with sunflower oil, to take advantage of all the beneficial and antioxidant properties of this oil, together with the nutritive capacity of corn. This is what makes this product so deliciuos, nutritious and also ideal to complement the daily meals.

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    Mini Corn Pancakes from Bicentury: the ideal complement for your meals.

    Since the beginning of human history, in many civilizations, both corn and wheat have been responsible for making man capable of feeding large populations, taking advantage of the versatility of these foods to prepare so many recipes, for example, bread in the case of wheat and corn pancakes in the case that we analize. The production of these grains has been distributed throughout the world depending on the temperatures at which they can be grown. While wheat needs a fresher climate, maize has been used for thousands of years by tropical cultures, such as the Mayan culture, so representative of this case. These pancakes are, in short, a very practical reinvention of this cultural legacy, being quite comfortable to use and also very nutritious thanks to the contributions of corn in conjunction with sunflower oil; which combination ensures a healthy and balanced diet.

    Each packet contains 100 g of a small, compact-sized, easy-to-use corn pancakes to make sandwiches. The components of these pancakes are, in addition to corn, sunflower oil, salt, soy lecithin, and traces of some cereals that contain gluten and also milk. Therefore, it may be necessary to take certain precautions before consuming them, in the case of celiacs.

    Facts of Mini Corn Pancakes from Bicentury

    • Each pancake provides 99 calories.
    • 97% corn.
    • High percentage of carbohydrates from the corn itself; 21 grams.
    • Each serving provides 2 grams of protein.
    • Only 0.7 grams of fat per serving.
    • Free from transgenic maize strains.
    • Includes sunflower oil; rich in oleic fatty acids.
    • Rich in fiber.
    • Helps you achieve a feeling of satiety.
    • Provides minerals, vitamins (especially complex B) and beta carotenes present in corn.

    These tortillas are true to the tradition of Bicentury and because of that, they are able to provide a quality food and at the same time contribute to maintain a proper weight, without leaving aside a rich and very pleasant food. You can take advantage of each of these corn pancakes without worrying about the issue of transgenic products, since Bicentury ensures the use of raw materials to produce such product, which has been selected from organic farms, free of pesticides and transgenic strains, which are not known for sure if they could cause any harmful effect on the body in the long run.

    Recommended Use: Mini Corn Pancakes from Bicentury are very versatile when it comes to eating. You can take advantage of them by eating them alone, substituting the bread or serving as a base to prepare sweet or salty canapes and some other fast foods. Since they are low in fat, you can eat them at any time of the day, but preferably during the early hours of the morning, during breakfast or also as a quick snack.

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