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Milkshake Sustituye - 225g 5 sachets

Milkshake Sustituye from Bicentury are a creamy and nutritious shakes to substitute a meal a day and to take a balanced diet without having to resort to the kitchen. Each sachet contains 12 vitamins, 11 minerals, protein, energy and fiber to complement the diet and at the same time to maintain a proper weight. A tasty solution to take care of the calories!

    Milkshake Sustituye from Bicentury, replaces one meal a day and helps maintain weight in a healthy way.

    Milkshake Sustituye from Bicentury is a delicious and nutritious chocolate flavored shake that helps to replace a meal a day in a complete and balanced way and, if that were not enough, also contributes to weight loss in a low calorie diet. That is, a perfect solution for when we do not have time to cook and in turn lead a healthy diet. Milkshake Sustituye from Bicentury are also highly recommended for athletes or people wishing to lead a healthy lifestyle, as each sachet is a rich source of fiber to increase satiety for much longer, control weight and encourage intestinal transit. In addition, it contains a large percentage of 12 vitamins with 11 minerals to supplement the diet, stimulate the metabolism and contribute to the correct functioning of the body.

    Normally in supermarkets we find substitute foods really harmful to health as they contain fats, added sugars, excess calories and endless nutrients not suitable for people who love to take care of the line. However, Milkshake Sustituye from Bicentury adapt to all kinds of needs: let you stop worrying about counting calories and also help the processes of weight loss, but as long as you follow a low-calorie, balanced and varied diet. For added benefits, they are available in a convenient 225 g container with 5 sachets to replace a meal at any time of the day very simply. In addition, they have a palatable chocolate flavor and a creamy texture to enjoy totally free of guilt, allowing to kill cravings in a healthy way and with the assurance that your body will be obtaining the necessary nutrients.

    Facts of Milkshake Sustituye from Bicentury

    • Delicious creamy shake substitute for one meal a day
    • Supplement a balanced and healthy diet
    • Helps weight loss processes
    • Low in fat, calories and no added sugars
    • Rich in fiber to increase satiety and improve intestinal transit
    • Enriched with 12 vitamins and 11 minerals
    • 226 kcal and 16 g of protein per shake
    • 5 shakes in a comfortable container of 225 g
    • Flavor available in Chocolate and Strawberry Yogurt
    • Suitable for athletes or people wishing to maintain an adequate weight

    Bicentury is the food brand preferred by those who take care of their figure since it always provides practical solutions to manage hunger and follow a healthy lifestyle. This time, brings us the delicious Milkshake Sustituye for an effective diet. With Bicentury is easy to contribute nutrients in a responsible way without giving up the pleasure of tasty food!

    Recommended use: in 200 ml of skim milk, add 1 sachet of 45 g of Milkshake Sustituye from Bicentury. Mix and serve.

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