Filled Bars Sustituye from Bicentury are delicious bars designed to replace one meal a day and provide all the nutrients that the body needs to maintain a balanced diet. Thanks to its size and excellent value for money, they are ideal for eating out and leading a healthy lifestyle.

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    Filled Bars Sustituye from Bicentury to eat away from home and provide all the nutrients that the body needs.

    Filled Bars Sustituye from Bicentury are delicious sticks to replace one meal a day and supplement a balanced diet. Thanks to their high fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, they are perfect to eat outside the home and at the same time provide all the nutrients that the body needs for its correct functioning. It is understandable not to have time to cook, because the responsibilities and the complicated schedules prevent to resort to the kitchen to prepare food. However, fast food is also not an option, therefore, food substitutes, such as Filled Bars Sustituye from Bicentury, are ideal to facilitate a complete and practical diet, with the main advantage that provide accurate amounts of nutrients to meet daily nutritional requirements.

    These delicious Filled Bars Sustituye from Bicentury are a less caloric option to replace one meal a day without damaging the weight. In addition, they contain a high percentage of fiber, which helps to feel satisfied for much longer, control hunger, improve digestion and intestinal transit. On the other hand, we can not forget its adequate protein intake, approximately 15 g per bar, which means that it is fully recommended to meet the requirements or accompany with hyperproteic diets, as is the case of sportsmen or fitness enthusiasts. Filled Bars Sustituye from Bicentury have a real sweet flavor, so, in addition to filling the stomach, they also decrease the desire to eat foods with a high sugar content. Just by eating them on mealtime will help balance the excesses and get satisfaction. In addition, unlike other products normally found in the supermarket or food establishments, they are completely healthy, as they are enriched with 12 vitamins and 11 minerals to achieve an ideal maintenance of both health and figure, which is undoubtedly a great attraction for physically active people, athletes or sportsmen.

    Facts of Filled Bars Sustituye from Bicentury

    • Substitute bars with fewer calories and carbohydrates
    • Enriched with 12 vitamins and 10 minerals
    • Provides 15 g of protein per bar
    • Rich source of fiber
    • Helps feel satiety for much more time
    • Controls hunger and anxiety for sweets
    • Crunchy texture and nice flavor
    • 2 sticks replaces 1 meal a day

    Bicentury is one of the most compatible brands with the care of the body and maintenance of a healthy diet. This time, it brings us these delicious Filled Bars Sustituye, full of flavor and nutrients to eat away from home without harming a balanced diet.  

    Recommended Use: eat 2 sticks to replace 1 meal a day at any time.

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