Devoragras Cookies from Devoragras are fiber-rich cookies whose main function is to lose weight in a healthy way, due to its high fiber content allows a better intestinal transit, decreasing the risk of constipation, and also produces a sensation of satiety, inhibiting sensation of being hungry and feeling more satisfied for longer.

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    Devoragras Cookies from Devoragras, ideal for all those who want to improve the intestinal transit.

    Cookies are the most commonly prepared snacks known in human history, born of the human need for a durable food for long trips, hence, cookies are generally high in calories, to satisfy in this way the appetite of sailors, explorers, travelers or soldiers who embarked those long trips, although those times are now behind, most cookies continue to contain sugars and fat, which means that they are not a very healthy snack for the body, but, what would happen if some cookies were invented that instead of increasing the weight of consumers make them decrease their amount of body fat? To achieve that, Devoragras Cookies from Devoragras have been created, cookies in delicious and varied flavors that will help you to use smaller pants.

    Devoragras Cookies from Devoragras are very rich in fiber which helps to take care of the health of the heart, reducing the possibility of having a heart attack, also help to improve the intestinal transit which leads to several benefits, such as avoiding diverticulitis, which is an inflammation of the intestine, reduce the risk of irritable bowel syndrome, decreasing the possibility of suffering from constipation, in addition, fiber-rich foods produce the sensation of satiety, which is the perception that the body has not immediate need for food intake, avoiding that you eat too much, it should be noted that fiber stays for a longer period of time in the body, meaning you will feel satisfied for longer.

    Facts of Devoragras Cookies from Devoragras

    • Made from high quality ingredients.
    • Rich in fiber.
    • Causes sensation of satiety.
    • Improves the intestinal transit, reducing constipation.
    • Available in 4 delicious flavors: Red Fruits, Yogurt-Chocolate, Yogurt-Lemon and Orange Chocolate.
    • Individual packs to preserve all its flavor and freshness.
    • Attractive container.

    Devoragras Cookies from Devoragras is ideal for all those who want to consume a snack rich in fiber during the course of the day, as this will help normalize and improve the intestinal transit, decreasing the possibility of suffering from constipation and, as these cookies contain such amount of fiber, produces the feeling of satiety, making the body feel less hungry, ideal to consume before each meal, and comes in 4 delicious flavors to choose from, which are: Red Fruits, Yogurt-Chocolate, Yogurt-Lemon and Orange Chocolate.

    Recommended Use: open and enjoy. Store in a cool and dry place. Drink water after consuming them.

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