Devoragras (fat burner) - 20 sachets 39 g

Devoragras (fat burner) from Bicentury is a highly effective and natural dietary supplement to burn fat and lose weight. It contains all the advantages of green tea extract flavored with peppermint and licorice to say goodbye to those extra kilos and enjoy a slender silhouette.

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    Devoragras (fat burner) from Bicentury has all the benefits of green tea to burn fat effectively.

    Devoragras (fat burner) from Bicentury is a dietary supplement based on green tea flavored with peppermint and licorice that helps to achieve a slender silhouette thanks to the degradation of accumulated fat deposits and the oxidation of them. Devoragras from Bicentury is developed based on the best fat burning formula in a comfortable presentation of 20 sachets of 39 g in infusion format to refresh inside and at the same time control the weight. It is not necessary to kill yourself in a gym or follow a strict diet if there are healthy and effective weight loss alternatives!

    In addition, we can not forget the many benefits of green tea, because it is an herb rich in antioxidants and nutrients to lose weight, purify the liver, regulate blood sugar levels and prevent fluid retention. It also enhances the ability to burn calories and acts as a cardioprotector. Devorages from Bicentury has also been boosted with all the advantages of vitamin E, which is known to be diuretic and protect cells from oxidation. Devoragras from Bicentury can be taken at any time of the day, and best of all is that in addition to contributing to weight loss and fat elimination contains natural extracts of peppermint and licorice to add a delicious scent and provide a good digestive process, in this way the components of this effective dietary beverage are better assimilated. Bicentury is a brand of products that stands out for being compatible with the healthy care of the body, aims to offer people to improve their physical shape and control weight without having to give up pleasure or put their health at risk. Of course, if you follow a balanced diet and at least one cardiovascular exercise routine you do not have to worry: Devoragras is the ideal alternative to eliminate those extra pounds.

    Facts of Devoragras (fat burner) from Bicentury

    • A base of green tea flavored with peppermint and licorice
    • Stimulates fat burning
    • Helps to Lose Weight Effectively
    • Strengthened with Vitamin E
    • Quick assimilation
    • Promotes cleaning and purification of the organism
    • Prevents fluid retention
    • Comfortable format of 20 sachets (39 g each)
    • Consumption guaranteed and safe

    The older a person gets the metabolism changes, that is why people find it increasingly difficult to lose weight, however, with the help of Devoragras from Bicentury and a healthy lifestyle it is possible to achieve a slender silhouette without sacrifices.

    Recommended use: put the contents of 1 sachet (39 g) in a cup with boiling water and let stand 3 minutes. A sweetener can be added to taste and taken at any time of the day.

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