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Corn Pancakes with Seeds and Cereals - 120g

Corn Pancakes with Seeds and Cereals from Bicentury are very tasty snacks, with a very nice crunchy texture and flavor that, along with its nutritional properties, will leave you with a very good taste. They have a lot of fiber and low concentrations of saturated fats.

    Corn Pancakes with Seeds and Cereals from Bicentury, product with a low fat and salt content.

    Corn Pancakes with Seeds and Cereals from Bicentury take advantage of the great nutritional properties of roasted corn and reinforce them with the inclusion of seeds and other cereals, so you have a snack that besides having good taste to the palate, is also very nutritious and rich in fiber, so you do not need to eat too much to feel satiated. However, these pancakes may contain gluten, so it is recommended that people with celiac disease take precautions.

    Corn is the main ingredient in pancakes and is what makes them so delicious and nutritious. This cereal has been used throughout history to feed millions of humans and is not by chance, since corn is rich in vitamins, minerals, B complex antioxidants and beta carotenes. And, besides, it is rich in fiber, so useful for those who suffer from problems with digestion. The advantage of including nuts and other cereals is that they often contain many unsaturated fatty acids, important for preserving cardiovascular health. These not only provide unsaturated fatty acids, but are also rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and other organic compounds such as lipids, carbohydrates and proteins.

    Facts of Corn Pancakes with Seeds and Cereals from Bicentury

    • Rich in fiber.
    • Low in fat.
    • At least 97% of these pancakes are corn, supplemented with seeds and cereals.
    • For every pancake you eat, you would be eating 30 kilocalories.
    • Contains only 2% salt.
    • Very nutritious to provide all the properties of corn along with nuts and cereals.
    • Input of minerals, vitamins and beta carotenoids.
    • Attractive container.

    Each pancake is a delicious snack that you can eat without feeling any guilt, because its low fat contents will guarantee that you can eat as much as you want, without having to worry about gaining a few extra pounds. From its origins, Bicentury laid its foundations in the idea of creating products that allow you to maintain an ideal figure, without neglecting wholesome and healthy food. Its philosophy is to create solutions for people to take care of their weight, but without giving up the pleasure of good food.

    Recommended Use: Corn Pancakes with Seeds and Cereals from Bicentury can be eaten at any time and in the way you prefer; To have breakfast with a glass of milk or another drink, or simply to eat during the day when you like. These are just like any pancake but with the advantage that it brings you more nutrients with every bite.

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