Gluten free Corn Pancakes from Bicentury, in its 130-gram format, is an ideal alternative for patients with celiac disease and other forms of inability to digest gluten. It contains all the B vitamins and provides the body with a potent antioxidant: betacarotene. In this way, this product has the benefits of vitamins and delays aging.

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    Gluten free Corn Pancakes from Bicentury: excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants for people allergic to gluten.

    Gluten free Corn Pancakes from Bicentury are sold in packets of 130 grams. They are made from corn with high oleic sunflower oil. They are free of gluten, so they are perfect for those who are allergic to gluten and therefore suffer the symptoms of the so-called celiac disease. In addition, they contain a whole range of important nutritional values, such as B vitamins and betacarotene. The latter is one of the pigments that give corn its peculiar yellow coloration. When betacarotene is consumed, it acts as an antioxidant that removes free radicals and delays the natural consequences of the aging process. For these reasons, Gluten free Corn Pancakes from Bicentury are recommended. Together with what has been said up to now, it turns out that they only have 2.6% of fat. They have no preservatives or any kind of natural chemical substance. They are eminently natural. They provide the body with energy in the form of carbohydrates that take a long time to become lipids that collaterally involve obesity.

    Celiac disease, and all versions of gluten allergy, involve various digestive disorders caused by the intake of food containing this protein. Some of these disorders are cramps, skin allergies, fatigue after eating, autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, constant migraine and joint discomfort. All this results in symptoms that are sometimes difficult to detect and whose main treatment is to follow a strict diet where gluten is not present. For this type of situations, foods such as Gluten free Corn Pancakes from Bicentury are designed, which are of great value for those who gluten is a health problem that alters their quality of life. In addition, they have advantages for the overall metabolism. They have a very small amount of fat. They also contain the betacarotene that is typical of corn. This ingredient helps eliminate free radicals and therefore suppress cellular oxidation. Thanks to this property, the aging process is delayed and the organs are maintained at a good cellular level.

    Facts of Gluten free Corn Pancakes from Bicentury

    • Sold in packets of 130 grams
    • Each packet includes 17 or 18 pancakes
    • 0 gluten
    • B vitamins
    • Contains betacarotene
    • Antioxidant
    • Ideal for people allergic to gluten

    With the help of this food, those suffering from celiac disease and other forms of gluten hypersensitivity can count on a delicious snack that does not harm health.

    Recommended use: between meals or as a dessert. It is a fantastic snack that keeps appetite at bay and delights the palate.

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