Sarialis Cereal Bar from Bicentury, in its format of 120 grams, offer a delicious dessert that relieves the rigor of slimming diets. Made from a base of cornflour, rice flour and dietary fiber, they allow to make diverse combinations such as chocolate, milk and fiber.

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    • Gluten Free
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    Sarialis Cereal Bar from Bicentury, delicious gluten-free bars to provide the body with fiber and nutrients.

    Sarialis Cereal Bar from Bicentury are commercially available to the public in 120 gram format. They come in different modalities and flavors: milk chocolate, black chocolate, white chocolate, black chocolate free of gluten or sugars, multicolored with and chocolate with milk, multicereals accompanied with milk chocolate and fiber source, as well as those that include dark chocolate and source of fiber. It is a healthy food, because its ingredients are obtained only from organic farming. The general basis of all the bars is cornflour, rice flour and food fiber obtained from peas and acacia. One of its properties is that it helps to lose weight thanks to that it makes the body have a greater sensation of fullness, thus achieving that people eat a smaller amount of food. Without a doubt, Sarialis Cereal Bar from Bicentury is an ideal supplement for diets designed to eliminate overweight. To this is added your dose of unsaturated fats, as well as vitamins A, D, E, B6 and B12. It also contains a high dose of protein that helps improve the level of muscle development. In that sense, they are perfect for any athlete or sportsman.

    Thanks to Sarialis Cereal Bar from Bicentury, the strictest diets can be alleviated with delicious snacks. In this case, they offer food bars with many properties. They are made from a cereal base plus chocolate flavor, gluten free for patients suffering from celiac disease, as well as with other ingredients that add a wide range of flavors for different types of palate. They have several vitamins, among which we can mention the A, D, E and the so-called B complex. This combines with their protein content, which causes an absorption of raw material to constantly regenerate muscles. Likewise, its dose of unsaturated fats makes it possible for people to fight cholesterol in an ideal way, which minimizes the chances of suffering from cardiovascular problems. In short, there are several goodness of these food bars, which offer together with the above a matchless taste and a texture that delights when you taste them.

    Facts of Sarialis Cereal Bar from Bicentury

    • Sold in packets of 120 grams
    • Each packet has 6 units
    • Obtained from organic farming
    • Good amount of unsaturated fats
    • In various flavors
    • Crunchy and delicious taste
    • Made from a base of cornflour, rice flour and dietary fiber

    These bars are a delicious supplement, perfect for all dieters and require to lose weight or lead a healthy life. Delicious taste. Natural ingredients.

    Recommended use: consume as part of the daily diet, ideal after each meal as a dessert. Also, as a snack between meals.

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