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Towel gym from Beverly is made of the best quality cotton that can be found in the market. It is a perfect accessory, as it has clamping rubbers that allow it to be fixed to the training bench and prevent it from falling. Without a doubt, it is a comfortable, hygienic and beautifully designed implement that fascinates all those who dedicate themselves to body training.

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    Towel gym from Beverly, excellent, resistant and durable sports accessory to keep you dry.

    Towel gym from Beverly is a supplement that all people who train regularly love. It should be remembered that going to the gym involves carrying a whole series of accessories, intended to improve the experience of the sport, be more comfortable and also be able to even wear personal items. For that reason, thermos and gloves are sold for physical activity. In that order, this magnificent towel is offered. Its measurements are 100 x 50 cm. It is manufactured in premium quality cotton. Its weight is 500 grams. Ideal for drying the traces of sweating from a long workout. It has, as a bonus, a great gripping rubber to be placed on the benches and prevent them from falling to the floor. No doubt, Towel gym from Beverly is a beautiful accessory for fitness and any sporting activity. 

    Go to a gym is much more than going to a site to train. It could could be said that it's almost a ritual. In fact, it is even a social event. People talk, make friends. Among the implements necessary to attend these places are the training towels, which are used in the fitness area, to dry the sweat or complement the equipment of bodybuilding. For example, when using a machine it is necessary for people to protect themselves and at the same time take care of the equipment they are using. This is achieved by placing a towel that insulates the material from the user's skin. In this way, perspiration will remain on the towel, not on the bench. This practice ensures a training not only of comfort, but also extremely hygienic. It is important that such towels do not fade and also that they do not hurt the skin or generate irritation. All of these conditions are met by Towel gym from Beverly, which also has the rubber bands that prevent it from falling and becoming dirty when coming into contact with the floor. It is worth mentioning that the cotton with which it is made absorbs the perspiration, thus preventing the skin from sticking to the machines in which we work with weight or repetition routines. In addition, they are hypoallergenic so they can be used by all people.

    Facts of Towel gym from Beverly

    • Its measurements are 100 x 50 cm.
    • It has clamps to attach it to the training bench
    • Made of cotton
    • Ideal for absorbing perspiration
    • Hypoallergenic

    The towel is a necessary implement for all those who go to a gym regularly, allows to maintain a hygienic work and with comfort.

    Recommended use: use it whenever you attend a training session, placing it carefully while using the clamps.

    Reviews Towel gym - Beverly Nutrition

    • 05/16/2018

    De buena calidad, para ir al gimnasio

      • 08/15/2017

      Excelente toalla. Tamaño perfecto para llevar a gimnasio y con agarraderas que se sujetan al banco de pesas perfectamente.

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