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Soy & Pea Isolate from Beverly a nutritional supplement full of protein for you. Bring energy to your days of hard workout with this wonderful Beverly product.

    Soy & Pea Isolate from Beverly

    Soy & Pea Isolate from Beverly is an excellent source of protein because of its high bioavailability and digestibility, it is an allergen supplement such as lactose and gluten. It also takes the neutral flavor that may be more beneficial since it contains no ingredient other than the pea; being an optimal supplement even for children, for its protein that contributes to the proper growth and formation of bones, teeth, nails, skin and hair.

    Soy & Pea Isolate from Beverly helps recovery after an exercise routine and decreasing fatigue, strengthening muscle growth and decreasing the amount of fat in the unwanted body. Soy & Pea Isolate from Beverly is extracted exclusively from the yellow vegetable because it is 100% allergen-free, increasing the process of red blood cell formation and therefore decreases tiredness and fatigue. It is also a special protein supplement for athletes, as it helps them increase body mass and favors them to have better resistance and to disappear the fat, due to its wonderful profile of amino acids.

    This product is helpful and recommended for people with low appetite or for people who maintain a high anxiety about food and want to lose weight, since Soy & Pea Isolate from Beverly releases energy slowly and favorably. Soy & Pea Isolate from Beverly shows a higher rate of all vegetable proteins on the market due to the high availability and digestibility that allows an absorption for our organism.

    Facts of Soy & Pea Isolate from Beverly

    • Helps strengthen bones, skin, nails and hair
    • Reduces fatigue and fatigue in athletes
    • Reinforces the strengthening of body mass
    • It is extruded solely from the yellow vegetable
    • Contributes to the easy formation of red blood cells
    • Facilitates the reduction of fat in the body
    • It has a neutral taste.
    • 100% allergen free
    • Can be consumed by vegetarians and even by children
    • Protein supplement ideal for athletes
    • Does not contain added laptosa, lapteos or gluten
    • Reduces feelings of hunger
    • Strengthens strength
    • Easy absorption in the body
    • Helps weight loss
    • Releases energy slowly and favorably

    Soy & Pea Isolate from Beverly is an ideal and essential protein supplement for any athlete who needs to stay in shape. Taking care of your health, muscles and physical appearance in an easy and simple way.

    Recommended Use: As a protein supplement you should add a tablespoon to a glass of water, after your workout.

    Customer reviews: Soy & Pea Isolate - 1kg

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    Tastes good!
    Questions and answers
    Hola, podrían decirme la información nutricional por serving (1 scoop) y los endulzantes que utiliza? Gracias.
    2019-02-07 10:01:31 Laura Grobas Sebio
    Hola Laura. Te facilito la información nutricional e ingrdientes: Por 50gr (1 scoop): kcal 205 grasas 1gr saturadas 0gr hidratos de carbono 9,5gr azucares 0.5gr proteinas 37.5 sal 0.18 ingrdientes: aisaldo de proteina de soja, aislado de proteina de guisante, maltodextrina, fructosa, cacao en polvo desgrasado, aroma de chocolate, sucralosa. Un saludo.
    2019-02-07 10:37:42 Joel
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