Vegan Delicatesse Protein Complex from Beverly Nutrition is a supplement of the renowned Beverly brand. This food is made from vegetable proteins, especially from the combination of peas and rice. Moreover, it contains moringa, chia seeds, quinoa and wheat bran. It can be consumed by vegans.

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Vegan Delicatesse Protein Complex from Beverly Nutrition is perfect for supplementing a good diet.

Vegan Delicatesse Protein Complex from Beverly Nutrition is a formula created mainly with the vegetable properties of rice and peas. This combination plus its ingredients such as Chia seed, moringa, spirulina, wheat bran, psyllium and chlorella make it a supplement with many benefits both for those who practice sports as well as for those who lead a healthy lifestyle.

All proteins contained in Vegan Delicatesse Protein Complex from Beverly Nutrition do not only make a person able to gain muscle mass in a shorter period of time, but also helps the body to obtain optimal intestinal health and provides the body with a considerable amount of minerals, nutrients, fiber and vitamins. To top it all off, this product is special for vegans, so they can consume it without any problem.

Although it is possible that we believe that exercising and eating healthy is enough to have our body and organism in good conditions, we must also mention that it will always be necessary to have an extra boost from nutritional supplements. In this case, this product brings much more energy to the body, which is why there is a large number of athletes who take it to optimize their workouts.

In addition to athletes and vegans, Vegan Delicatesse Protein Complex from Beverly Nutrition can be consumed without any problem by people intolerant to lactose and those who suffer from digestive problems, as it rather improves the digestive system, and what many fitness lovers like, this product in addition to increasing muscle mass, also accelerates the metabolism.

Facts of Vegan Delicatesse Protein Complex from Beverly Nutrition

  • Accelerates the metabolism.
  • Provides fiber and proteins.
  • Has a nice flavor.
  • Increases muscle mass.
  • Provides minerals and vitamins.
  • Its absorption is fast.
  • Optimizes post-exercise recovery processes.

It is never too much to supplement good nutrition and exercise routines, for this it is necessary to consume supplements as Vegan Delicatesse Protein Complex from Beverly Nutrition, which has been positive for the market. This formula has helped many people to improve their body and their organism. There are many reasons why you should consume this supplement, such as its pleasant taste and its amount of fiber, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. You should not settle for doing just exercises, look good and obtain results fast. It is better to take this formula aimed at athletes and vegans.

Recommended use: Vegan Delicatesse Protein Complex from Beverly Nutrition can be used as a food supplement. The recommended dose is 30 grams dissolved in 200 ml of water. In the same way, those who need an extra of fiber or protein can consult their nutritionist about consuming it. Keep Vegan Delicatesse Protein Complex from Beverly Nutrition in a cool place.

Opiniones de Vegan Delicatesse Protein Complex - 900 g

abel 2019-09-24 00:53:19
hola,cuanto sodio tiene por dosis?gracias
Beltran 2019-09-24 10:41:20
Hola si mira más abajo de la descripción puede verla usted.Por dosis de 30 gr indica 0.53 gr.Un saludo
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