Multivitamin Vegan Vitality from Beverly Nutrition is a very healthy and nutritional formula that you must consume to ensure an excellent quality of life. Improve your nutrition with this supplement that provides beta-carotene, antioxidants, probiotics, vitamin C, A, those in group B, zinc and folic acid in a concentrated form, which profoundly favor various aspects of your health and well-being.

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Multivitamin Vegan Vitality from Beverly Nutrition concentrates all the nutritional power you need. Do not miss out on this wonderful source of power!

Multivitamin Vegan Vitality from Beverly Nutrition is an incredible dietary supplement that you cannot afford to ignore. Improve your nutrition quality deeply with these capsules that reinforce your health profoundly.

Multivitamin Vegan Vitality from Beverly Nutrition has been created from fruit, very nutritious green vegetables, digestive enzymes and probiotics, among other components. As a result, you get these capsules that combat fatigue and also provide beta carotene, antioxidants, ascorbic acid, cobalamin, folic acid, and vitamin A, C and B vitamins. This concentrated mix of healthy ingredients provides lasting strength and also preserves an enviable health condition.

Have you ever heard that "we are what we eat"? Well, that is true and it is the reason why you should include Multivitamin Vegan Vitality from Beverly Nutrition into your daily routine. Although you consume natural, homemade and balanced foods, that does not guarantee that you get all the nutrients necessary. This is the problem faced by food industries due to intensive cultivation and massive cattle rearing. Because of this, everyone should think about supplementing the consumption of nutrients vital for the body, and that is why, this supplement is the best alternative. Regardless of what lifestyle you lead, it will be greatly improved with these natural capsules.

If you practice any physical activity, Multivitamin Vegan Vitality from Beverly Nutrition will provide you with everything you need to have greater physical performance. It is also very important that you have it close if you lead a vegan lifestyle, in which you specifically consume vegetable food. This supplement will provide you with vitamin B9 and B12, which are essential for the body and are often lacking in this type of diet. In the same way, it will be of great help to have a healthy intestinal flora, since it contributes Megaflora, the most complete probiotic for the functioning of your digestive system. That is why, this product is a great acquisition for your daily routines.

Facts of Multivitamin Vegan Vitality from Beverly Nutrition

  • Made from green fruits and vegetables.
  • Contains beta carotene.
  • Contributes antioxidants.
  • Has vitamins A, C and some of those in group B.
  • Perfect to boost the levels of energy in athletes.
  • Ideal to reinforce the nutrition of vegans.
  • Contains Megaflora to improve the intestinal flora.
  • Holds a Kosher certificate.

Multivitamin Vegan Vitality from Beverly Nutrition is not just a supplement for athletes because any person who wants to improve their diet will benefit from its benefits too. Enjoy its natural ingredients, which almost immediately replenish the levels of energy and provide a very valuable protection to the intestinal flora.

Recommended use: take between 2 and 4 tablets a day, spread out during the day, preferably with main meals.

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