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Carni Liquid 3000 - 500 ml

Carni Liquid 3000 from Beverly Nutrition is a sports supplement that is composed primarily of L-carnitine, vitamin B6 and Chromium. Such ingredients are great to help you improve your performance, since they boost your levels of energy, at the same time, they help you to burn fat. In addition, that great combination magnificently counteracts exhaustion and favors greater muscle definition.

    Carni Liquid 3000 from Beverly Nutrition fantastically transforms fats into energy to boost performance.

    Carni Liquid 3000 from Beverly Nutrition is an excellent and magnificent sports supplement that will give you L-carnitine, which accelerates the process of obtaining energy, through the breakdown of fats. Carni Liquid 3000 from Beverly Nutrition has been made completely liquid, with pleasant flavor, so that the assimilation is very extraordinarily effective.

    Carni Liquid 3000 from Beverly Nutrition releases to a greater extent the organic substance L-carnitine, being this, the most suitable for the diet of a hard-working sportsman, because it is an excellent fat burner, but, the most amazing thing is that by means of said combustion of lipids, L-carnitine produces a very extraordinary percentage of energy. Such energy is fundamental to achieve virtually any goal that you set out, so, with it powers very naturally the motivation for exercise, you increase very fabulously the ability to do physical routines of very high intensity, avoid exhaustion, enjoy greater performance, and luckily, you burn fat to support muscle definition.

    The wonderful and excellent Carni Liquid 3000 from Beverly Nutrition is the most advanced formula based on L-carnitine. Moreover, it contains vitamin B6 and Chromium, which improves and accelerates incredibly the fantastic effects of L-carnitine, for example, vitamin B6 activates the energy metabolism, decreases fatigue, and on the other hand, chromium normalizes the levels of glucose, and also, reduces body fat. In a nutshell, taking Carni Liquid 3000 from Beverly Nutrition is much better than taking other energy supplements, and more, since it is improved with these exceptional organic components, which, very likely you will not find in other dietary formulas.

    Another good thing is Carni Liquid 3000 from Beverly Nutrition is a supplement that makes you enjoy a very splendid energy and a mega optimum performance, and more, as it is a 100% liquid product, therefore, your body absorbs its fabulous components fast, easy and efficiently, and as a result, you can appreciate great benefits almost instantly.

    Facts of Carni Liquid 3000 from Beverly Nutrition:

    • Super advanced sports formula with L-carnitine, Chromium and vitamin B6.
    • Burns fat and use it to generate powerful energy.
    • Favors muscle definition.
    • Helps reduce body fat index.
    • Boosts performance, motivation and momentum.
    • Prevents exhaustion.
    • Extraordinary assimilation, with exquisite flavor.

    L-carnitine can play a very substantial role in achieving your desired physical performance, so take the fabulous Carni Liquid 3000 from Beverly Nutrition for you to get excellent results, fast! You will feel and look by taking this top-notch sports supplement.

    It's time to achieve your sports goals in the easiest, fastest and most practical way. Supplement your diet with Liquid 3000 from Beverly Nutrition and see your body and life go up.

    Recommended use: Liquid 3000 from Beverly Nutrition is taken following the suggestions of your nutritionist, but ideally, 25 milliliters (1 serving) about 30 or 40 minutes before to doing your workout.

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