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Wide-toothed Comb - 21 cm

Wide-toothed Comb from Beter is useful when combing your hair after washing it and to give the desired volume in any hairstyle due to its rounded tips. It is 21 cm long and is suitable for all types of hair.

    Wide-toothed Comb from Beter, beautify your hair naturally.

    With Wide-toothed Comb from Beter we have the perfect comb to get the tangles out and give volume to the most impressive hairstyle, when it comes to take care of our hair we use the tools that provide the maximum result, you can use it after washing your hair, it is specially designed to get the tangles out of wet hair, also has a little static charge and rounded tips to give you volume if you are looking for a modern hairstyle.

    In a natural way your hair is taking shape and volume, while you experience a caress massaging your scalp, allowing healthy renewal. Beter presents a practical design for your comfort so you can get the tangles out of your hair without effort and avoid the unpleasant frizz. You can carry it in your purse or briefcase without discomfort, it has the ideal dimensions so that you always keep it at your fingertips. After the pool or the shower when your hair looks like a mess, or you just apply the moisturizing mask nothing will be easier than using your Wide-toothed Comb from Beter to leave it immaculately untangled and neat. It is an essential product that gives shine and care to the valuable hair.

    Wide-toothed Comb from Beter adapts to all types of hair and is widely used because with its rounded tips gives the desired volume in any hairstyle. It does not pull on the hair when getting the tangles out after washing it and it is very comfortable to use, definitely you should not miss a comb like this, it has become an essential tool in the home for personal care.

    Facts of Wide-toothed Comb from Beter

    • Strong and top quality material.
    • Practical design and easy to use.
    • Special to get the tangles out of wet hair.
    • Gives volume when combing it due to its rounded tips.
    • Flexible and very strong.
    • Adapts to all types of hair.
    • Has a little static charge.
    • 21 cm long.

    Wide-toothed Comb from Beter is the product that we will always need to keep us neat and dazzling. Beter is the famous brand that keeps its customers happy, the personal care is essential to look and feel good. The length of 21 cm allows you to spruce your hair up without problems and do the most beautiful hairstyles by only using this comb.

    Recommended use: comb your hair several times a day, keep it untangled and clean, so that by massaging the hair strands you can obtain that shine that will make you feel radiant as never before. Do not forget to take it with you everywhere to look good either in the house, in the office, in the street, in the gym or in places of leisure such as a swimming pool.

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