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Vent Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles - Beter

Vent Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles from Beter is a quality tool at a good price ideal for daily use. It has long, separate teeth to get the tangles out of the hair, allowing it to get more air in the process. It is an ideal brush for combing and daily hair care. Recommended for voluminous, thick or curly hair.

    Effective and gentle brushing with Vent Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles from Beter

    Vent Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles from Beter is a utensil made for combing and frequent brushing of hair. It has separate bristles with rounded tips that distance the hair strands reducing the tendency to pull the hairs from the roots. Its rounded tips caress the scalp, stimulating its circulation and avoiding annoying sensations that cause other types of sharper bristles. This brush comes in a combination of white and violet, and also white and olive green. It weighs only 77 grams. Recommended for voluminous, wavy or curly hair. It can be used daily to comb the hair or to brush it regularly.

    Brushing the hair is not done just for aesthetic reasons. There are also hygienic and capillary health reasons. Besides needing to get tge tangles out of the hair, there is a need for it to look aesthetically pleasing. When brushed regularly, undesirable residues are removed from the scalp. It also stimulates the blood circulation in this area, which causes the hair follicles to strengthen. And as a result they begin to emit natural oils that make it look bright and strong. Using Vent Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles from Beter daily makes it possible to achieve this. Its spaced teeth keep the tangles out of it, reduce dead cells and improve the quality of hair renewal.

    It is also necessary to consider that each type of hair needs a special model of comb or brush. For example, long, straight hair often needs flat, thin combs. In contrast Vent Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles from Beter is recommended for bulky, wavy or curly hair. The separation of its teeth allows the passage of air, which is vital for this type of hair. It is also good to dry it and shape it with a hair dryer. In curly hair, it allows to maintain the natural shape of the ringlets. In these cases it is also applied for daily brushing which massages the scalp.

    Facts of Vent Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles from Beter

    • Spaced teeth to separate the strands.
    • Rounded tips to massage the scalp.
    • Weight of 77 grams.

    Vent Brush, Nylon Ball-tip Bristles from Beter is the utensil that is required for unruly and voluminous hair. Its structure slides along the hair without causing painful pulls. Respect the nature of the waves without causing it to be frizzed or with excessive volume. This is favored with the use of natural oils or creams for hairstyles that are applied to dry hair. Excellent for use with hand hairdryers.

    Recommended use: for aesthetics and hair care.

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