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Translucent PVC Bag - 22 x 11 cm

Translucent PVC Bag from BETER offers a practical way to carry cosmetics or various small objects that you need to have available. It is made of translucent vinyl polychloride, with dimensions of 22 × 11 cm. It is available in fuchsia and lilac. It can be carried in all types of purses or bags.

    Have your useful things at hand with Translucent PVC Bag from BETER

    Translucent PVC Bag from BETER is a translucent vinyl polychloride accessory, designed to keep objects that you want to have available immediately. It measures 22 × 11 cm and can be purchased in fuchsia or lilac. Its most frequent use is to keep cosmetics other objects for personal care and beauty. However, it may be useful to contain other personal items, such as remedies, pens, pencils, combs, scissors, or other small-sized objects, which if not kept in a bag like this could be easily lost. Its design is extrafine and has a comfortable zipper, so it is ideal to protect the accessories that are kept inside.

    Translucent PVC Bag from BETER is a practical accessory to organize some of the objects that a woman usually carries in her wallet. Inside there are usually objects such as lipstick, mascara, foundations, brushes, nail scissors or combs. It may also contain other objects such as pencils, small notebooks or notepads. Having an hectic pace of life often takes the opportunity to put order inside a bag. This can be a problem when finding the necessary object in an emergency. But having a bag like this, where tiny items are kept to have them at hand, is a matter less to worry about.

    Having a Translucent PVC Bag from BETER is not only for women's interest. This bag can be used to organize school objects. Those who wish to have available products such as medicines or supplements can also take advantage of the benefits of this accessory, which has a safety zipper. Any small object that might easily get lost due to daily hectic activities can be kept safe inside this accessory. It does not belong only to the inside of a purse, it can be a good option to keep objects in a drawer, a shelf, or another larger organizer ... wherever it is needed to keep tiny items at hand. Its translucent texture allows you to see what is inside.

    Facts of Translucent PVC Bag from BETER

    • made with translucent vinyl polychloride.
    • dimensions of 22 × 11 cm.
    • available in fuchsia and lilac colors.

    Translucent PVC Bag from BETER is a practical bag, inside which can be kept various small objects, and prevent them from being lost. It is usually an ideal accessory for keeping cosmetics, but it can also contain medicines, personal care items, office objects, stationery, or other kinds of small items. Its translucent texture allows to easily distinguish what they contain from the outside.

    Recommended use: for personal organization of objects.

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