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Tempered Glass Nail File - 13.8 cm

Beter has designed for you the perfect Tempered Glass Nail File from Beter, you must have one because they are the best on the market, hygienic, hard-wearing, soft with your nails and above all it contributes to the growth and strengthening of them. We can emphasize that the Tempered Glass File prevents your nails from splintering or breaking so you can give them the shape you want.

    Tempered Glass Nail File from Beter: a smooth finish on your nails.

    There are a variety of nail files on the market that are made of different materials, cardboard with sandpaper that are disposable and wear easily, metal files that are not recommended by experts because they can damage the nails because of their hardness and aggressiveness. But Beter has designed Tempered Glass Nail File from Beter, which will give your nails a smooth finish, you can also use it on false nails if you wet it a little.

    For some time, tempered glass files are very fashionable. So this file is the ideal tool to shape and take care of nails. Tempered Glass Nail File from Beter is formed by micro granules that are part of it and are distributed throughout the surface of the abrasive area of the file, with this we achieve a very smooth and efficient nail filing.

    Compared to the use of other types of files, this one prevents in the long term that the nails splinter and contributes to having them healthier and stronger. When using the traditional files, granulated or metallic, made with uneven grooves, you hurt your nails terribly, because they cause mini breakages that cause the nails to break and splinter, which makes it difficult to give them the shape we want. The advantage of this tempered glass file is that it is not granulated like the others, the mini granule surface it has is part of the file and it is very soft, so you will not mistreat your nails.

    You must know some reasons why you should have the this file and not other: this gives a perfect and neat finish to your nails, besides it does not lose the edge nor will it ever wear and its edges will not hurt you. By the way it is made is very resistant and your nails will be strengthened with frequent use and will grow more in less time. It will never break if you use it the right way and you can also use it to remove dead skin around your nails.

    Facts of Tempered Glass Nail File from Beter

    • Made of tempered glass that prevents wear and makes it resistant.
    • 13.8 cm long.

    A nail file is a very personal tool, as said before, there are different types of files, but Beter's 13.8 cm Tempered Glass File is the best option for you, they are hard-wearing and are cleaned easily and quickly without forgetting to mention that they are more hygienic than others. Take care of your real nails with Beter.

    Recommended use: used to file and shape nails avoiding splintering.

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