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Swing Laser Ergonomic Nail File - Beter

Swing Laser Ergonomic Nail File from Beter is the best choice for brittle nails, since it is made with laser technology to obtain a fine and homogeneous grain that will be soft to file delicate nails. It also has an ergonomic handle that allows filing the nails with high precision.

    Swing Laser Ergonomic Nail File from Beter. The best for the care of brittle nails.

    This fantastic file is another Beter innovation, because its fine and homogeneous grain was created using a laser. It is a great feature that makes Swing Laser Ergonomic Nail File from Beter ideal for the care and maintenance of brittle nails specifically.

    People with brittle nails can not keep the length they want on their nails, never look neat because they always break at the slightest touch, others have not yet identified that their nails are starting to become fragile due to several factors. How to know if you have brittle nails? Brittle nails are those that tend to break or flake quickly and easily, if you have noticed that this usually happens it is advisable to take better care of your nails and file them once a week or immediately when you notice that it starts to splinter. Beter again thinking about solving each specific problem for the care of your hands, designed the Swing Laser Ergonomic Nail File from Beter, which has a fine and homogeneous special grain to make the filing of delicate nails, because it prevents the flaking and allows you to give them the shape you want in a soft and gentle way to ensure the fineness and uniformity of the grain of this file, Beter makes it using the best laser technology.

    The handle of this magnificent tool has been designed with a spectacular ergonomic shape that provides a better grip and more comfort when filing your nails, which saves you time because you will do it faster. Swing Laser Ergonomic Nail File from Beter is made of a hard-wearing material that allows you to have your file in perfect condition for a long time. If the nails are not properly cared for or the appropriate complements are not used for them, they may weaken more and deteriorate easily over time. Recognize if your nails are brittle in time and start treating them and take care of them with the new Beter file.

    Facts of Swing Laser Ergonomic Nail File from Beter:

    • Has a fine and uniform grain made with laser technology.
    • Has an ergonomic handle that allows to file the nails faster and with greater precision.
    • Created especially for brittle nails.

    Protect and care for your brittle nails with this amazing Swing Laser Ergonomic Nail File from Beter, they will be beautiful and healthy after every filing. Do not continue to suffer with your nails instead give them the required care because this file was designed as a main element when doing brittle fingernails.

    Recommended use: specially designed for filing brittle nails. It is not recommended to use on wet nails, you must wait until they are well dry to file.

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