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Beter Stand Mirror x7

Stand Mirror x7 from Beter has two sides, gives you a normal reflection and a reflection increased by 7 times its size. It also has a revolving base that allows you to use the 2 types of mirror in a practical way.

    Stand Mirror x7 from Beter. Your reflection wherever you look.

    Stand Mirror x7 from Beter aims to be part of your daily life, because its practicality and design is what makes it the best option to have with you when it comes to makeup, is the right one if you want to take it on a trip since it has a totally safe base. You can have a mirror with a normal view or an x7 magnification effect if you turn it.

    It does not matter what angle you are when using this mirror because it can be turned and you can easily and quickly point it to the direction of your face, using the side of the mirror you want. You will have a better experience with a precise reflex that will make you look your best side always. It is ideal to use when you need a perfect make-up, be it for an important party or a date. The precision with which you can see every detail of your face in the magnifying mirror that will help you to maintain your perfect face and with the normal view you will see the quality of makeup that you put on.

    In addition it is also very useful for men, when shaving they can also get to see better all the hairs they want to remove, they will avoid cuts because they will see better the areas that they want to shave. The truth is that this Swivel Mirror with Base from Beter is a suitable option for all people who want to have a better view of their face when performing a routine that requires seeing different parts of the face up close. You can locate the mirror wherever you want as its base will allow it. Put it on the dresser, on your furniture near the shower or on the bedside table, it depends on what you want to do; Put on makeup, put on or take off contact lenses or shave. Stand Mirror x7 from Beter is for everyone.

    Facts of Stand Mirror x7 from Beter

    • Can be rotated if you want to use the magnifying or normal side.
    • Has a base.
    • 14.5 cm in diameter.

    It is always necessary to have a practical mirror so that your beauty routines are perfect and for that, there is none better than Stand Mirror x7, which Beter brings for you. Its design with two mirrors, one of normal view and the other with 7x magnification. It is wonderful because it can be rotated so you can choose which mirror you need.

    Recommended use: two-sided mirror, one with 7x magnification and the other normal, you can use it for better view during a make-up routine.

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