Stainless Steel Straight Blunt Tip Scissors - 10.4 cm

Beter has designed these scissors using a virtually indestructible material, stainless steel, in order to make it the most durable possible and each blade was individually sharpened to ensure greater cut precision. To top it off, it features a blunt tip that gives you peace of mind when you cut your children's nails.

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Stainless Steel Straight Blunt Tip Scissors from Beter, the durable and safe tool to cut the nails of children.

Stainless Steel Straight Blunt Tip Scissors from Beter is made with stainless steel, making it strong and durable, what ensures you will have it for a long time.

In addition, its sharpness ensures greater nail-cutting precision, It is ideal for keeping children's small nails short, but you can also use it to give final touch to the moustache, sideburns, beard, etc.

If you are one those people that get terrified of cutting the nails your children, namely, afraid of cutting or pricking their fingers with the tip of a pair of scissors, then you now can forget that problem thanks to state-of-the-art scissors that Beter has designed for hand care: Stainless Steel Straight Blunt Tip Scissors from Beter. A wonderful scissors that allows you to cut your children's nails safely, because it is specially designed with a blunt tip, but what is that? it is a rounded tip that replaces the sharp tip traditional scissors have, which gives confidence, safety and peace of mind when cutting nails.

You know very well that keeping the nails of children with a suitable length is very important because if children have very long nails, they get filled with dirt and bacteria, which may end up making them sick as children put their hands in their mouth when they play; and if you cut them too short the skin under them gets exposed , which causes pain, for it Stainless Steel Blunt Tip Scissors Straight from Beter is ideal, since thanks to its ergononic shape you can have the perfect grip and safety to cut nails effectively with the length you consider convenient.

These scissors can also be used to trim nose hair, cut the sideburns or moustache even, as well as giving the beard a round shape. Stainless Steel Straight Blunt Tip Scissors from Beter is suitable for many use cases at home. Just remember clean it up with a little alcohol before use, that keep it clean and hygienic for cutting your children's nails, trimming or cutting annoying hair even.

Facts of Stainless Steel Straight Blunt Tip Scissors from Beter:

  • Made with stainless steel.
  • Features a blunt tip for greater safety.
  • Ergonomic design for better grip when cutting.
  • Multipurpose. It can be used to cut nails or trim the mustache, sideburns, etc.

Stainless Steel Straight Blunt Tip Scissors from Beter is ideal for cutting your children's nails safely and comfortably, besides you can use it for trimming the mustache or undesirable hair. It is a well-designed tool you must have at home because of its safety and ease of use.

Recommended use: for cutting children's nails, trimming the moustache or beard.

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