Bath Mitten Sisal

Bath Mitten Sisal from Beter is an accessory for bath or shower made of natural thread of sisal, which is mostly used to exfoliate the skin and to treat sensitive and delicate skins, leaving them soft and clean. Its exfoliating effect activates circulating blood activity.

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Bath Mitten Sisal from Beter to raise the reach of exfoliation to other levels thanks to sisal fiber, special for you.

Bath Mitten Sisal from Beter is an abrasive material to treat your skin in the most natural way possible, as it benefits from all the characteristics of sisal fiber, which is a perfect moisturizer in combination with other skin care products such as gels, soaps and creams. Sisal fiber is a natural exfoliant, and its effect is proven for optimum blood circulation. It has a double function, because of its great effect in the maintenance and cellular renewal of the skin.

Bath Mitten Sisal from Beter is made entirely of 100% natural sisal thread, and can be carried in the hand to facilitate exfoliation and massage, to care for, tone and heal your skin, and leave it cleaner and younger. Perfect for your daily showers and for the care of your skin, avoiding the dead cells of the epidermis. The function performed by a mitten is key to reach some difficult places for the proper exfoliation, and not only the reach, but the way in which you want to make a skin treatment. Sisal also helps a productive spread of specific products for the well-being of epidermal tissue.

Bath Mitten Sisal from Beter offers many benefits, including good blood circulation due to the texture of sisal. In a manually performed mechanical exfoliation, it is important with which abrasive or exfoliating object you are going to work for a better quality of treatment. The renovating effects of vegetable textile fibers are focused on the exfoliation and the favoring of the subcutaneous circulation. The dermis becomes smoother and cleaner, removing the impurities build-up during the day.

Facts of Bath Mitten Sisal from Beter

  • Natural exfoliating mitten made entirely of sisal thread
  • 100% natural exfoliator for daily use
  • All benefits of sisal to help the activation of circulation
  • Greater reach for the skin treatment
  • Unique material for your bath or shower sessions
  • Smoothes and cleanses the skin
  • Helps to massage part of the body and tone it
  • Made of the best materials

Bath Mitten Sisal from Beter is made precisely for your moments of relaxation and your daily showers. Personal hygiene and invigoration had never been so natural with a type of glove that complements your organic life and enhances your skin care to levels never before reached. If you are concerned about your fitness life and your circulation, this is the ideal element for you. Create new massages and do a deeper cleaning with this product, from Beter, that pleases your beauty.

Recommended use: as a body hygiene and exfoliating accessory, perform a circular massage starting at the ankles and upward to better tone your body. Use in conjunction with products for cleaning and renewing the skin.

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