Sisal Bath Sponge - Beter

Sisal Bath Sponge from Beter is an excellent product for the care of the skin, is much harder than those that are of vegetal material and other more common, it serves for the therapies of massage and to do exfoliation in the skin, guaranteeing the beauty of your skin.

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Sisal Bath Sponge from Beter, excellent sponges, which should not be missing in your spa or in your health and cosmetic products, ideal for preserving the skin.

Sisal Bath Sponge from Beter is made from a natural fiber extracted from the leaves of the plant Agava Sisolana, which grow next to the stems of the flower, up to one meter long. To extract the material, the leaves must be crushed until the fiber is removed from the pulp, then the leaves are washed and dried. This type of sponge should not be used on areas of the skin where there is swelling, irritation or permanent damage, or on certain types of moles, it is usually twice a week for the skin of the whole body, and no more than three times per week in areas with problems, such as cellulite, in skins that are sensitive in nature, once a week, it is the most convenient, and in which are oily or normal, twice a week or each three days, it is the right thing to do.

Sisal Bath Sponge from Beter helps to open the pores, thus allowing oxygen to enter the skin. It should not be used in abundant foam and one of its most effective and common uses, it is as a exfoliant, to completely clean the skin, without damaging it, giving a touch of beauty and softness that only this wonderful sponge can give you.

Sisal Bath Sponge from Beter is a wonderful product that will leave your skin softer and smoother, being able to replace the exfoliants and many of the creams that are special for skin care, thanks to its excellent quality and unbeatable results that it brings for your body.

Facts of Sisal Bath Sponge from Beter

  • Ideal for the skin of the elbows and knees.
  • Can be used in all hard skin of the body.
  • It is not easily damaged.
  • Product of natural origin.
  • Does not damage your skin.

Sisal Bath Sponge from Beter is ideal for all those people concerned about the health and beauty of their skin. It measures about twelve (12) centimeters in diameter, is perfect in the finish, because of its natural materials and has many qualities, so do not hesitate, do not wait to hear the opinion of others, and check it today, and by yourself.

Recommended Use: as a skin care product, rub with it the area of the skin that you want to massage, with gentle and circular movements. It can be used with water and apply little gel, if it is to be used on the face you have to avoid the eye contour, at the end you should rinse the skin with water, and let it dry, exposing to an airy place.

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