Sapphire Nail File - 12,5 cm

Sapphire Nail File from BETER is a file that is made with emery powder to be hard-wearing and keep your nails in perfect condition. It is an ideal instrument for high-calibre manicures and pedicures, ideal for strong nails. Smooth and comfortable file to take care of your nails.

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The accomplice of your beauty, BETER, is also there for the care of your nails, with Sapphire Nail File you will do your nails perfectly.

Sapphire Nail File from BETER is not a simple file to do your nails, on the contrary, it is a top quality file that allows a soft and comfortable filing on any type of nails, from the most delicate to the hardest. Taking care of the appearance of your nails is something important, since it says a lot about you as a person that is responsible for his body, it reflects in a certain way how a person takes care of himself and how he looks after his appearance. The manicure helps to enhance the beauty of your hands, likewise, the pedicure does with your feet, both leave your nails spectacular. For the finish of a good manicure or pedicure, it is necessary to file with subtlety so as not to spoil the decoration made on your nails, and with a Sapphire Nail File from BETER you will achieve nails in perfect shape.

Sapphire Nail File from BETER has an ideal design to provide homogeneous shape to your nails, in addition that is created with materials to give a feeling of smoothness and fluidity to filing. It is of medium grain, which is convenient for hard nails, so you do not feel any discomfort of hardness while you are filing. This file is made with emery powder, which offers maximum duration, so that the wear does not affect its characteristics so it can be used for much longer than other conventional files.

Sapphire Nail File from BETER files your nails in a natural and uniform way so that there are no parts that scratch or scrape your fingers. The side of the medium grain is to file the nails, and with the side of the fine grain, the outline is polished. Show beautiful and great nails with the best file from BETER. Take care of the beauty of your hands with quality products.

Facts of Sapphire Nail File from BETER

  • Medium-grain sapphire file.
  • Excellent instrument for manicure and pedicure.
  • Made with emery powder.
  • Maximum spanlife.
  • Good size for filing: 12.5 cm.
  • Soft and comfortable filing.
  • Allows to obtain different shapes in the nails.
  • Allows to perform a uniform filing.

Sapphire Nail File from BETER is ready to be used in any of your manicures and pedicures, and get perfect nails in a natural way that will not bother you at any time. Your work will look better with your polished nails thanks to this file. It is hard-wearing. Its price and quality ratio is exactly what you were looking for.

Recommended use: as a product of cosmetic use, file according to the natural shape of your nails and always in the same direction. Use filing techniques for different ways of finishing the nails.

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