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Sapphire Emery Board - 15.7 cm

Sapphire Emery Board from BETER is the ideal tool for the beauty and aesthetics of the fingernails. It is 15.7 cm long and weighs 32 grams. It has a sharp and thin point that is very useful in this task. It is made from emery that very finely scratches the nail, without any discomfort and gives them a smooth and nice shape.

    Get the nails of your dreams with Sapphire Emery Board from BETER

    The care and beautification of the fingernails is now easier with Sapphire Emery Board from BETER. It is an emery board that scratches the imperfections and helps to obtain the desired shape of the nails in a very soft way. With 15.7 cm and a weight of 32 grams, it can be easily carried in any case, with other objects to take care of the nails. It has a sharp and thin tip that helps remove dirt under the nails, as well as being useful to push your cuticles and improve their appearance.

    The reason why you polish your nails is that it is the best way to strengthen them. It is true that the scissors are there to give them shape, but this does not make them gain a firmer structure. For this it is necessary to give them shape with a polish, and in this way avoid that they break. Sapphire Emery Board from BETER works smoothly but very effectively. It has a comfortable size, and has a level of roughness that scratches the imperfections while leaving a smooth texture. Its sharp tip helps to clean small impurities and make the nails look hygienic and have a good aesthetic before applying varnish on them.

    Some women find it difficult to get their nails to grow and look elegant. In this problem, genetics, the lack of some nutrients and perhaps some undue care are involved. If you usually trim your nails without finishing them with a polish, this only breaks and weakens them. You have to polish your nails with Sapphire Emery Board from BETER. Its texture reduces its edges in detail, and without causing any kind of discomfort. In this way the nails take shape and are ready to grow with much more strength.

    Facts of Sapphire Emery Board from BETER

    • 15.7 cm long
    • Weighs 32 grams
    • Sharp point

    It is possible to achieve long and elegant nails with the correct use of Sapphire Emery Board from BETER. Unlike what is usually done using this product you will not have to make repetitive movements back and forth or right to left. You have to repeat the same movement only to one side. Otherwise, cracks will form, which will cause the nail to weaken. The shape can be square or round, according to personal taste and natural shape on the fingers.

    Recommended use: for personal aesthetics of the fingernails. For personal use preferably.

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