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Quadruple Fibreglass Nail File - 17.5 cm

Quadruple Fibreglass Nail File from Beter is a product of cosmetic use that helps to keep the nails of the hands impeccable and taken care of; It has 4 different surfaces that allow to cut, shape and finally polish the nails with a beautiful and very natural finish.

    Get beautiful nails, the length and shape you want, with this spectacular Quadruple Fibreglass Nail File from Beter. Design and style!

    Quadruple Fibreglass Nail File from Beter is a cosmetic tool to get nails with perfect and beautiful shape. Moreover, it has a size of 17.5cm that makes filing comfortable and easy to use. In addition, it has 4 different surfaces of different textures between thick and thinner that help to obtain the desired length and shape of the nails. To top it off, it has two striking designs, original and exclusive, combined in a perfect way in pink and fuchsia, green and blue; which makes it a young people favourite and always trendy.

    On the other hand, this wonderful product helps to complement the care and maintenance of the nails, thus achieving the desired design; In addition to this, thanks to its different surfaces, you will have smooth nails without imperfections. Therefore it will not hurt when passing it on the skin and if you have children it will not do any kind of damage when caressing them or being close to them. Thus, both sides of Quadruple Fibreglass Nail File from Beter will help cut short, reproduce the desired fashion style and finally polish the nails of the hands.

    This fantastic product is ideal for anyone, especially for those women (either young or old) who like to keep their hands well groomed, in order to look and feel good, and more if you have this spectacular Quad Fiberglass Nail File from Beter which helps to obtain the desired design and size. Thus achieving to stay fashionable with beautiful nails and hands. Additionally, it presents an original design of youthful color style that makes you look fantastic when using it.

    Facts of Quadruple Fibreglass Nail File from Beter

    • 4 different surfaces.
    • Original two-color design.
    • Fashionable colors.
    • 17,5 cm long.
    • Helps have a smoother filing.
    • Cuts short, shapes and polishes the nails of the hands.
    • Double-sided file.

    Get beautiful nails to complement the care of your hands, plus, it is easy to take anywhere because of its comfortable size and easy to use to remedy any unexpected or emergency in relation to the nails. Quadruple Fibreglass Nail File from Beter is perfect for shaping nails, and its original and exclusive design will make you look good and stylish. Get beautiful nails!

    Recommended use: as a cosmetic product, cut the nails short with the thickest part. Then shape following the natural form of your nails with gentle movements and always in the same direction. Finally polish with the softest part of the file.

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