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Quadruple Fibreglass Nail File - 17.5 cm

Quadruple Fibreglass Nail File from Beter is ideal to save space in our manicure case and to have the most perfect nails, since it has 4 surfaces of different grains to give your hands an impeccable finish. In addition, its strong fiberglass material make it last for longer than usual.

    Quadruple Fibreglass Nail File from Beter. The most complete accessory to take care of your nails.

    Quadruple Fibreglass Nail File from Beter is the best nail file. It has 4 surfaces of filing with different grain types that allow you to shorten, shape and polish the nail finish of your hands to keep them beautiful.

    Always thinking of supporting your personal care, Beter has brought something very special to you so that you consent and pamper your hands, and it is nothing less than a 4-in-1 fiberglass nail file. This file was designed so that you can give your nails a perfect finish with a single tool, use each of its 4 surfaces to gradually go filing and shaping your nails. Its 4 different surfaces has a high number of grit, 280 and 220 and a low number of grit 120 and 180.

    By now you should be wondering "What are the grit in the Fiberglass File?" So, you should know that a high number of grit means that it has surfaces composed of many but very small grains that make filing smoother, while a low grit number means that the grain is thicker, this is used to shorten or perform the initial filing.

    Quadruple Fibreglass Nail File from Beter is made with a strong material of tempered glass fiber, which is the latest trend in the care of the nails due to its gentleness when working on them. Besides its practical size offers 2 things: first the comfort of the length for the grip, so you can file your nails with ease. Second, you can take it everywhere because it fits perfectly in your purse or wallet so you can touch up your nails wherever you want.

    Keep in mind that the filing of the nails is extremely important, and not only for a clean and perfect look, also because not doing so leads them to break more easily and spoil the manicure. They should be filed in only one direction because if you do it in both directions the risk of them weakening and breaking is much greater.

    Facts of Quadruple Fibreglass Nail File from Beter:

    • It has 4 surfaces that allow to file and shape the nail gradually.
    • It has the perfect size to carry in your purse or bag.
    • Made of fiberglass.

    You must have this amazing file that has everything you need to give your nails the best care and thereby keep them healthy and beautiful.

    Recommended use: use coarse grain surfaces to shorten and give the first shape to the nail. Fine-sided surfaces should be used to polish the finish of the filing.

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