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Pur Pedicur Corn Cutter with Hinge - Beter

Pur Pedicur Corn Cutter with Hinge from BETER is a specialized instrument to remove calluses in soles of the feet. It has a unique design that includes a head with hinge for more effective handling. It is also ergonomic and comes with a protector designed to give it a longer lifespan.

    Pur Pedicur Corn Cutter with Hinge from BETER to remove hard skin on the soles of your feet.

    Taking care of the soles of your feet is much easier with Pur Pedicur Corn Cutter with Hinge from BETER. It has a much more comfortable and effective design than others of its kind available in the market. Its head with hinge makes possible to change the blades quickly and expeditiously. In addition to that the angle that it uses favor a more agile and practical application. Its ergonomic shape improves its sliding on the skin, lifting its impurities safely. It works very well with very thick calluses, especially at points where this hard skin is more persistent and annoying. Its measures are 1.8 x 2.9 x 17 cm and weighs only 41 grams.

    The soles of the feet grow calluses on a regular basis. This is a situation that occurs commonly in people leading a very active lifestyle, who do not have a lot of time to relax. As a result, they spend much of the day wearing closed shoes that generate heat on their feet. As a result, the skin becomes hard, which is unsightly and uncomfortable. In order to remove the hard skin, Pur Pedicur Corn Cutter with Hinge from BETER is a very useful tool. Unlike others that exist in the market, it has an ergonomic shape and a head with hinge that helps make a very efficient and safe cut.

    Pur Pedicur Corn Cutter with Hinge from BETER is particularly good with hard and deep skin, which is usually very difficult to remove. Its blade moves easily on the skin removing them layer by layer, until making the soles of the feet feel soft and light. It is very useful to people of all ages, who feel annoyed by the presence of calluses on their feet. Often they tend to be high impact athletes, in whom it manifests itself due to the frequency and intensity of their training. In the same way they are common in office workers, teachers, construction professionals or students. Everyone can make use of their features and thus have a more complete care of their feet.

    Facts of Pur Pedicur Corn Cutter with Hinge from BETER

    • Ergonomic design
    • Head with hinged
    • Replacement sheet
    • Head protector
    • Thickness regulating screw

    For a more effective use of Pur Pedicur Corn Cutter with Hinge from BETER you should first put the feet in the water. It should be with warm water and for a long time to ensure that the calluses are properly softened. Then dry with a towel and use this instrument. It is recommended to adapt the thickness of the cut in a slight way to ensure that the skin is carefully removed. Slide the head on the largest callus, then go to the others.

    Recommended use: personal care and hygiene.

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