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Professional Buffer Nailfile - 17.5 cm

Professional Buffer Nailfile from Beter will help you have beautiful, healthy and shiny nails. It is ideal for showing off clean hands at all times. It has two sides, one to remove roughness and one to polish your nails, giving you everything you need to give your nails an amazing shine.

    Professional Buffer Nailfile from Beter: a wonderful tool to keep your nails strong and shiny.

    The exclusive Professional Buffer Nailfile from Beter is specially designed to give your hands an amazing look with beautiful and shiny nails, as shiny as glass.

    With its use you can get most spectacular shine you have ever saw with very little effort. It is made of polystyrene, a material that makes it very strong and delicate with your nails. It has a side that helps remove imperfections on the surface of the nails and the other one polishes perfectly.

    It is a tool ideal for you because you want to have your hands perfect with polished and shiny fingernails. That is why, Beter has designed this new professional nailfile, which will allow you to give your nails a perfect finish, like you have had a manicure in a beauty salon. Have you ever polished your nails? Well, let me tell you that by using Professional Buffer Nailfile from Beter on both the fingernails and toenails you ensure that your nails look much more beautiful and as shiny as a beautiful glass.

    Polishing your nails allows you to minimize the rough part of the nails to leave smooth, to that end, the first thing you should do with the polisher is to slide the rough side on the surface of your nails, in a soft manner and without pressing too much pressure to avoid their weakening, this first step of the polishing should be done every two weeks, but if your nails are very weak is advisable to do it every three weeks. After having left your nails with their surface even, you must use the smooth side of the polisher to polish the cross-section of each one, the movement is like you are buffing them up, following the way arched shape of your nails. You will see that with very little effort your nails will look amazing, as if you had them done by a professional. This step can be done each week to keep the shine of your hands.

    Facts of Professional Buffer Nailfile from Beter:

    • It is made of polystyrene, a material that makes it very strong and delicate with your nails.
    • It has the size perfect for you to grab it comfortably when you polish your nails.
    • It has a coarse side to even the surface of the nails.
    • It has a smooth side to polish and give shine.

    If you want the most beautiful nails with an amazing glow, then you must use Professional Buffer Nailfile from Beter, take care of your nails on your own hands with this tool made by Beter.

    Recommended use: for smoothing the nails, use the coarse side. For gibing shine to the nails, you must polish them with the smooth side.

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