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Prêt a Porter Pill Box - Beter

Prêt a Porter Pill Box from BETER is a practical and versatile multipurpose organizer; perfect for storing and counting pills. Ideal for polymedicated people who need to have at their fingertips one (1) or more pills at the same time to facilitating the proper intake of their treatment.

    Prêt a Porter Pill Box from BETER, your ideal option for the control and monitoring of treatments - 7 days.

    Prêt a Porter Pill Box from BETER is a product created by BETER, specially designed to adapt to the changing lifestyle of today's multi-faceted people; They need to have the medicines at their fingertips, allowing them to be transported and stored without spills or damages, providing them with safety and confidence as it makes it easier for them to take their medication correctly.

    BETER has created for you, the practical Prêt a Porter Pill Box from BETER, that allows you to take your medicines wherever you go, in a discreet and organized way. You can store one (1) or more pills in each compartment, which are of striking colors to make it easier to remember when it comes to take the pill for a given treatment. Each compartment has a lid that keeps them tightly closed; preventing the passage of moisture and impurities inside; avoiding possible contamination, which guarantees the sterility of the medication and the conservation of its therapeutic benefits. Its comfortable and innovative design with easy closure system was developed to ensure the safe and organized transfer of medicines or other items, in purses, briefcases, backpacks, etc. avoiding spilling during the trip and allowing easy handling in the house, street, car, gym or office. It is also safe to be taken to recreational areas such as the beach or the pool.

    Prêt a Porter Pill Box from BETER is an easy-to-buy inexpensive product that was developed taking into account the needs of our dynamic and modern customers. With a safe, creative, innovative and multifunctional design that can be reused according to user requirements, promoting ecological awareness and contributing to the protection of the environment.

    Facts of Prêt a Porter Pill Box from BETER de BETER

    • Practical design.
    • Capacity to store one (1) or more pills.
    • Super light, so you can take it wherever you go.
    • Made of very strong material.
    • Features an Easy Open system for greater comfort.
    • Serves as organizer of other articles.
    • Inexpensive.
    • Reusable.
    • Waterproof, so it will keep its contents completely dry.
    • Resistant to falls.

    Prêt a Porter Pill Box from BETER is a product made for the well-being of our customers, especially people with polymedication who need to systematize the consumption of their treatment, organizing one (1) or several pills in the container corresponding to each day of the week, guaranteeing effectiveness in the correct intake of their medication.

    Recommended use: as an organizer, insert the tablets or items you want in the compartments of your Prêt a Porter Pill Box from BETER BETER, press the lid until it clicks and it will be ready to take it wherever you go.

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