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Oval Pumice Stone - 7.3 cm

Oval Pumice Stone from Beter is a fantastic accessory for everyday use that contribute to remove hard skin on the soles and also reduce the accumulation of dead skin and impurities, thus helping have softer, smoother and healthier feet.

    Who does not want to have healthy, smooth, soft and beautiful feet? Keep reading to know how to get all that.

    Oval Pumice Stone from Beter is the ideal tool to facilitate the removal of impurities from your soles, and thus giving softness, smoothness and beauty to your skin and contributing to improve the appearance of your feet.

    The fantastic Oval Pumice Stone from Beter is a unbeatable cosmetic accessory that is very handy thanks to the incredible benefits it gives to the health of your feet with only rubbing it on this area of the body for a few minutes at the time of shower or any other moment, but after washing your feet with water and soap. This extraordinary Pumice Stone has the guarantee and quality certification of Beter, which ensure the excellence and effectiveness of this great product from volcanic origin. Moreover, this wonderful and practical cosmetic has intermediate hardness so its action brings an incredible level of softness on the surface of the skin treated, and also, it also has a high level of reliability.

    The use of the extraordinary Oval Pumice Stone from Beter is widely recommended to remove the impurities and dead skin that usually build up on our feet, and it is also perfect to reduce hard skin on specific areas of the feet such as the soles and heels, leaving them smooth, soft and looking healthy. Oval Pumice Stone from Beter is comfortable and easy to use, its practical oval shape ensures a better grip upon rubbing the area to treat, allowing to get effective results in no time.

    Another of the wonderful benefits offered by the use of Oval Pumice Stone from Beter is that it contributes to stimulate the many nerve endings located in the soles thanks to the circular movements applied on this area, producing a fantastic relaxation feeling, ideal to combat stress generated by the everyday work routine. Additionally, Oval Pumice Stone from Beter helps counteract skin dryness, thus preventing the appearance of cracks in the heels.

    Facts of Oval Pumice Stone from Beter:

    • It features an amazing oval shape that provides a better grip to use it.
    • It is ideal to leave the feet smooth, soft and looking healthy.
    • It helps remove impurities and dead skin from the soles.
    • It reduces the hardness of the skin of the soles.
    • It helps to have healthy and beautiful feet.
    • It stimulates the nerve endings located in the soles, thus providing a nice feeling of relaxation.

    Recommended use: Experts recommend to give circular movements on the soles with a Oval Pumice Stone from Beter, after the feet have been washed with soap and water to make the skin soft and delicate.

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