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Orange Sticks Cuticle Pusher - 5 units

To take care of the fingernails, it is necessary to have Orange Sticks Cuticle Pusher from BETER. It is a small orangewood stick pack, 5 units (11.5 cm each). It has been designed to remove or stretch the cuticles and control other imperfections that form around them.

    Natural care of the nails with Orange Sticks Cuticle Pusher from BETER

    There are small care that do much to promote the aesthetics of the fingernails. And one of these is much easier using Orange Sticks Cuticle Pusher from BETER. It is a small utensil made with orangewood, a type of firm wood, which at the same time retains a certain delicacy to treat hands. It has a sharp tip and another filed to correct defects, stretch or remove the cuticles. It comes in a pack of 5 units ready to be used in a hygienic and effective way. They are very useful for the removal of remains of nail varnish.

    One of the main uses given to Orange Sticks Cuticle Pusher from BETER is as a cuticle remover. When it comes to aesthetics, there is a bit of controversy about what is the best to do with these parts of the skin that surround the nail. First, they have their reason to exist. They fulfill the function of protecting the nail and preventing this area of the skin from cracking, developing discomfort. That is why, despite the fact that many experts advise against it, they are usually cut. The use of these sticks offer a healthier alternative.

    The proposal is that instead of cutting them, stretch them gradually until they clear their nails. This should be done by moistening them with natural oils such as almond's or chestnut's. Creams or Vaseline can also be used. A small drop is placed on each nail leaving it to act for a few minutes. Then proceed to gently push the cuticle with these sticks. In this way, this striking part of the skin stretches and reduces its thickness, avoiding cuts that might lead to unwanted discomfort. While for some people it is valid to cut them with a good pair of pliers, others choose to use this method to beautify the nails, without any type of injury.

    Facts of Orange Sticks Cuticle Pusher from BETER

    • Made of orangewood.
    • 5 units.
    • 11.5 centimeters.
    • Sharp tip.
    • Filed end angle.

    Orange Sticks Cuticle Pusher from BETER is also useful to sanitize the lower part of the nails through its sharp tip. Its filed angled end also helps to remove remaining nail polish stuck near the cuticle area. Due to the angle formed between the nail and the cuticle it is common that these residues remain there even if a very efficient remover is used. These sticks serve to release them completely and in this way helps the nail is completely clean to apply paint again.

    Recommended use: for beauty and hygiene of the fingernails.

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