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Ohh! XL Macro Mirror, x10 Magnification - 13 cm dia

Ohh! XL Macro Mirror, x10 Magnification from BETER is the practical product that contains reinforced clips that are used to stick it on a wall of your bathroom. It has a convergent spherical lens, with a surface of 8.5 cm. It will give you that effect of magnifying glass.

    Ohh! XL Macro Mirror, x10 Magnification from BETER, look perfect.

    This it is the ideal companion and perfect for any person, they adapt to your particular style and your preferences. This mirror is ideal to put on and take off contact lenses, shave, pluck the eyebrows, make up especially the areas where more precision is needed, for example, when you apply the eyeliner, the mask of eyelashes and the labial one. In short, what you do will be in a more comfortable and extremely simple way, and even versatile because you can hang it not only in the walls, you can keep also it in a case without occupying much space.

    Ohh! XL Macro Mirror, x10 Magnification from BETER is the best option because it can magnify a lot, thanks to the diameter of 13 cm with which it is designed and the magnification will be of 10 times superior to the one of the normal mirrors. This mirror is ideal because it allows to have an wide reflection, in which you will be able to see the minimum detail of your face with a perfect clarity and wihout a distorted effect. It is special for the people with sight problems since everything will be easier to them because they are not going to need lenses.

    It has circular form, its material is of plastic, which is an advantage because it is possible to get it wet without becoming rusty or damaged in another way. It comes in three beautiful colors, namely, fucsia, black and rose, so you will be able to choose the one you like. In the back part of the mirror are the clips, with which it is possible to attach it to a smooth surface, tiles of the bath or on another bigger mirror. The clips will make a great improvement since these help to the routine more comfortable because you will not have the necessity to hold the mirror with your hands.

    Facts of Ohh! XL Macro Mirror, x10 Magnification from BETER 

    • With a magnification of 10 times greater than the one of normal mirrors.
    • Surface of 8.5 cm of diameter.
    • With clips.
    • Practical to hang it in the bathroom.
    • Available in fucsia, black and rose colors.
    • Can be used in any of your personal care routines.
    • Easy to install and use.

    Ohh! XL Macro Mirror, x10 Magnification from BETER will become your favorite and the one that you will recommend to everyone, because it will be your great accessory to do any of your personal care routines without missing details.

    Recommended use: before hanging it on the wall you must clean the surface well where you wish to put it. Wet the clips and then you must press with consistency until all the area of the clips is totally stuck on the wall.

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