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Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer - Beter

Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer from BETER is intended for removing those annoying hairs in an extremely easy, fast and basic way. Its design is focused on providing maximum comfort when you are using it giving a better grip, comfortable to store and also easy to transport. Thinking of you.

    Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer from BETER. Satisfy your needs.

    Specialists are always looking to make your personal routines a more pleasant and practical, that is why the Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer from BETER is a bathroom accessory that you must have, since it will give you great benefits, which will please you so you will be totally satisfied with its use and you will not change it for anything in the world. This product will make you forgetting forever to use the dangerous scissors.

    Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer from BETER gives you several advantages. The first and foremost, is its excellent ergonomic design which let you use it easily without discomfort, so you can control it in a simple way, it is lightweigh and it is not uncomfortable while you are on the day of waxing. It has a very good power because it has AA batteries that allow it to work for a long time, at the moment of removing those unwanted hairs will give you a perfect cleaning ability to reach small spaces and without actually having any annoyance like those tugs that cause pain and make you shed tears.

    Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer from BETER is available in black, it is for anyone who wants to use it, it has that versatility that works in the same way for both women and men. Its material is plastic so you do not have to worry about it getting rusty and getting damaged, and on the other hand it's quite silent. And the product comes with an extra accessory that serves as a brush to clear cut hairs from the face.

    Facts of Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer from BETER 

    • To remove unwanted hair from the nose and ears.
    • Easy and fast use.
    • Light and small.
    • Unisex.
    • Works with AA batteries.
    • Does not irritate the skin.
    • Long useful life.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Ergonomic design.

    Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer from BETER is what you need if you want to always look more presentable in less than 5 minutes. It is extremely practical, because it is portable and you can keep it in small spaces without taking up much space, it also works perfect if you want to take it with you to use when necessary or to give you a last minute finishing touch.

    Recommended use: when you use it to remove the hairs of the nose you must carefully insert the razor into the nasal cavity and make circular movements from top to bottom. And when using it on the ear is easier to use, the razor is passed in all the area where the hairs are. With the additional brush that this product brings you can sweep up the excess hair already removed to ensure that the work is done.

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