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Nickel Plated Sewing Scissors - 12.6 cm

Nickel Plated Sewing Scissors from BETER is an effective instrument for use in nursing-related tasks. It has been made with hardened and forged steel, 12.6 cm long. Its blades have a high quality sharpening, they are centered and verified in an exhaustive quality control. They act with great effectiveness in the cutting of fabrics and threads of all kinds.

    Ready for an emergency with Nickel Plated Sewing Scissors from BETER

    Nickel Plated Sewing Scissors from BETER has been designed to effectively cut yarns, gauze, or various types of garments according to the emergency that requires it. It is made of forged, tempered and chromed steel. It is 12.6 cm long. It can be used as an instrument for multiple functions. It cuts threads for crafts, cardboard, paper, and items of common use in every first aid kit. It has a straight shape and sharp tip that provide a clean and effective cut. Its handles are functional and comfortable, for a safe and really firm use. It can also be used for a home hair cut, although if it is given an informal use it is recommended that it not be used intermittently with the emergency wax.

    During an emergency such as an injury or perhaps an lesion, the scissors have to act effectively. They are necessary to cut bandages, adhesive tapes, gauze or ligaments. It is important to perform a clean and very specific job. In some extreme circumstances, it becomes very important that they have the right edge to cut the clothes of a person who can not be mobilized. It is one of the primary measures to provide basic care and attention. For all these circumstances Nickel Plated Sewing Scissors from BETER has been developed to do a very good job. Its sharp tip and its cutting edge make a precise cut, which fulfills this task in an expeditiously.

    However the sharpness and quality of Nickel Plated Sewing Scissors from BETER make it viable for other multiple tasks. It can be used for crafts as it cuts paper, cardboard, card and various types of cloth. Its edge can also be used to cut threads and wool without any difficulty. You can even cut your hair in a homemade way (stylists use professional models). For example, for an improvised cutting of the ends. The constitution of these scissors gives you the possibility of using them for a wide variety of tasks. Although if they are used for this, it is recommended not to include it in the first-aid kit or in tasks related to nursing.

    Facts of Nickel Plated Sewing Scissors from BETER

    • Made with hardened and chromed steel.
    • Length of 12.6 cm.
    • Straight cut.
    • Sharp point.

    For a better care and duration of a Nickel Plated Sewing Scissors from BETER, it is recommended to avoid its fall. This causes the mechanism that unites both blades to get destabilized. As a result it will gradually lose the quality of its cut. In addition, its spanlife can be favored with an occasional drop of oil to prevent hardening of the screw that holds it together. If it is used for nursing, it is recommended to keep it disinfected as a preventive measure.

    Recommended use: for nursing as a first-aid kit or for crafts but not applied in both areas simultaneously.

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