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Nail Trio, Electronic Nail File - Beter

Get the nails always well filed, smooth and shining in record time. Three heads, a sapphire file, with longer life than conventional ones, polisher with grooves and shiner with perfect finishes. Nail Trio, Electronic Nail File from Beter includes spare sticks for the heads.

    Nail Trio, Electronic Nail File from Beter provides a natural and healthy shine!

    It is a file that works with a battery and has a small motor inside that thanks to its vibrations includes three functions: filing, polishing and shining. Our electric file that promises to make this task a little quicker and easier. With the polisher allows to remove impurities to leave the nails free of roughness, for this we must bring the nail to the head and make circular movements to remove any imperfection. And the polish with only 10 or 15 seconds with circular movements on the nail is enough for our nails to have a renewed appearance, so soften and give an exquisite shine to your nails with Nail Trio, Electronic Nail File from Beter.

    With this file you can give different shapes to your nails: oval, rounded, square or pointed. A file with triple function conceived for a simple handling and without danger of damaging us. For a perfect finish, apply a coating of nourishing oil and vitamin E for nails and cuticles with our Nail Trio, Electronic Nail File from Beter.

    It helps the nails grow healthy and prevent nail problems and future discomfort. It reduces the progressive deterioration of your nails and, when growing healthy, prevents cracks and damages. Nail Trio, Electronic Nail File from Beter adapts to the specific characteristics of your nail and the intensity with which the file should work to get the best possible appearance and cleanliness.

    Facts from Nail Trio, Electronic Nail File from Beter 

    • Includes 3 polishing heads.
    • Professional results of pedicure / manicure at home.
    • Removes roughness of the surface of the nail.
    • An easy way to keep nails in shape.
    • Includes two replacement sticks.
    • Very easy to use, with anti-slip handle.
    • Works with AA batteries.
    • With protective cap for storage or transport.

    With the new Nail Trio, Electronic Nail File from Beter, you will be able to file the nails easily, in addition to offering a more beautiful appearance thanks to its three heads with different functions to file and polish your nails. It is important to cut and file them smoothly without losing the right and proper shape of the nail, which is essential not only aesthetically but also to avoid problems with ingrown nails.

    Recommended use: for this filing process it is advisable to cut the nails with scissors or nail clippers before filing. Put the sapphire file head, press the power button up. Bring the nail to the head and place it at a 45-degree angle. It is not advisable to do it more than 2 times a month.

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