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Nail Buffer, Promanicure Brilliant Nails from BETER is the secret to having long, strong, shiny and elegant nails. It is a system that files the imperfections in 4 steps or processes that are applied as a frequent treatment. By working through the polishing process, imperfections are avoided and the nail grows with greater integrity.

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Beautiful and bright nails with your Nail Buffer, Promanicure Brilliant Nails from BETER

Nail Buffer, Promanicure Brilliant Nails from BETER is a 4-step system that is used on a regular basis to improve the structure and strength of the nails. There are 4 numbered mini blocks, which offer different benefits to favor their development and look. The recommended treatment consists of using steps 1 and 2 to remove roughness and imperfections. This process should be done gently and without exerting much force, every two weeks. But if the nails show weakness, initially it should be used every three weeks. Then you have to use steps 3 and 4 to brighten the nails. They should be used once a week and in only 6 applications will be noted the decrease in opacity and the appearance of a remarkable natural brightness.

This type of care has been designed to promote the grow of the fingernails by eliminating imperfections and impurities. Although the lack of nutrients is one of the factors that cause weakening and breakage, exposure to the environment also causes them to grow improperly and break down. Nail Buffer, Promanicure Brilliant Nails from BETER eliminates these imperfections through its units 1 and 2. By means of a light pressure, they mold the edge of the nails and smooth them by moving them all over their surface. As time passes, they strengthen and improve their length. According to the experts it is what should be done preferably, instead of using scissors to give them shape.

Brightness is also something that is achieved with Nail Buffer, Promanicure Brilliant Nails from BETER. In fact, steps 3 and 4 have the function of giving natural shine. It is the same as often seen with the application of transparent nail varnish. But in this case, it is the one obtained by sliding these mini blocks over the nails, which polish them improving their structure in a remarkable way. They should be applied once a week, and you get a vivid bright at 6 passes of this part of the nail treatment. In the case that varnish is used to give them color, it is recommended to space a little more the application of this part of the process.

Facts of Nail Buffer, Promanicure Brilliant Nails from BETER

  • 4 mini blocks to polish the nails.
  • Blocks 1-2 to eliminate imperfections.
  • Blocks 3-4 to give them shine.
  • 4 blocks of different colors with white labels for a clear distinction of their use.

Nail Buffer, Promanicure Brilliant Nails from BETER offers an effective way to shape the nails, and at the same time revitalize them. While avoiding the use of scissors is recommended, sometimes pliers can be used to start giving them at least one basic shape. Then proceed with units 1 and 2 to improve their tips and also polish their surface. Days later use units 3 and 4 to stimulate the development of brightness.

Recommended use: for beauty and aesthetics of the fingernails.

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