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Minicure Baby Kit from Beter is ideal to keep baby's nails very well maintained. This fabulous Kit has a nail clipper that makes precise cuts and an extra thin file. The product is very easy and convenient to use. In addition, it has an attractive design. A safe product for your baby.

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Minicure Baby Kit from Beter is what you need so much for the safe care of your baby's nails.

This kit is composed of a nail clipper and a file, suitable for babies. The nail clipper has a small head, an ergonomic shape, is easy to use and allows a precise cut. The file is extra thin, perfect for your baby's nail. With a Minicure Baby Kit from Beter you can cut or file the nails easily and in a very safe way. The kit has been specially designed for babies, therefore it is a product that you can use with confidence. Keep the baby's nails short and well-maintained, for their hygiene and safety.

Minicure Baby Kit from Beter is specially designed for the little ones. Baby nails should be checked very often because it is very important to always take care of their nails and keep them in perfect condition in order to prevent them from hurting themselves. This is a safe product that facilitates the cutting and maintenance of baby's nails. Caring for baby's nails is very important for both hygiene and safety, so they should be kept short and clean at all times. This fantastic product offers what you need to keep your child free of scratches and free of accumulated dirt in their nails.

This fabulous kit is composed of an extra soft file and a precision cut nail clipper, which considerably simplifies the work of cutting the nails to the smallest of the house. It should be taken into account that taking care of baby's nails is very important, because scratches or infections are prevented with well-maintained nails. To cut the nails more easily it is recommended to cut them at night, while the little one sleeps, because this is the moment where the dream is deeper. The fantastic Minicure Baby Kit from Beter is what you need and what your baby deserves. A suitable product to maintain the hygiene and safety of babies.

Facts of Minicure Baby Kit from Beter

  • Has a small head clipper with an ergonomic shape.
  • Has an extra thin file.
  • The nail clipper provides a precise cut.
  • A product designed especially for babies.
  • Gives very good results.
  • Has a beautiful design.
  • A very comfortable and easy to use kit.

Minicure Baby Kit from Beter has everything you need for the maintenance of the nails of the little ones. Parents should always keep their baby's nails short to avoid problems such as the accumulation of dirt and scratches. This kit is very special because it makes it easier to keep the baby's nails at bay. You will not find a better kit in the entire market. Only the best for the little ones in the house!

Recommended use: as a hygiene and care product for babies, cut the nail to the level of the fingertip and then file any imperfection.

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