Mini Kit Beter Air - 3 bottle of 28ml

Mini Kit Beter Air is a practical, indispensable, hygienic and useful transparent case that consists of three containers of nice size, also has an anti leak dosing funnel for the trio of containers avoiding to occupy unnecessary spaces and without wasting a drop of the precious fruit juice to take.

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Mini Kit Beter Air will become your best accessory when it comes to go out and look good.

Mini Kit Beter Air came to market to be part of you and evolve your day. It is a magical case that is in sight but not for its size, but you can take it and keep it anywhere, since its innovative design makes it unique in the market. It is made of strong and transparent material where you can carry three containers in one, you can deploy it as the level of substance drops.

Mini Kit Beter Air is a trio of storage bottles made of a special material, highly strong that you can take anywhere because it adapts to your routine and thanks to the liquid is visible you can manage to drink it and also its security seal does not allow waste of the drink to consume. When you use it you can observe what you drink avoiding any kind of confusion. This product proves to be very valuable for any individual and it is so much demand, that is acquired by high performance athletes, people performing long, medium or short intensity routines as well as for any professional who usually spends the day in work tasks.

Mini Kit Beter Air will be your best ally when it comes to going to a gym, park or just traveling, since you will not have to carry a bottle of considerable weight. People dedicated to a titanic training endorse this prodigious case that within its benefits stands out how hygienic it turns out to be. It is designed from a highly invulnerable, transparent plastic material where you will easily introduce what you will take. Its closure prevents improper spills or waste of the product.

Features of Mini Kit Beter Air

  • Material highly resistant to bumps or scratches.
  • Very light weight, does not add weight to the luggage.
  • Trio of transparent bottles that makes it easy to see what to ingest.
  • Incredibly easy to maintain.
  • Has an anti-leak cap.

Mini Kit Beter Air allows you to live the best experience when it comes to walking or traveling. So make it the best accessory to use because you will save time and money on buying unnecessary juice that you might not take. Did you think this incredible product would never hit the market? Well it arrived and now you can buy it and look both comfortable and hydrated at all times. Avoid taking glass bottles or plastic thermos with you, what they do is occupy to much space and increase weight in your backpack, so join in the comfort and carry with you this fabulous kit that suits you.

Recommended use: as a sports accessory or for travelers, Mini Kit Beter Air can be used at any time, you just have to uncover the dosing nozzle and introduce the liquid of your choice.

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