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From Beter for you, Mesh Sponge, Peeling, the best product for you, for keeping your skin smooth and exfoliated. Made of nylon for long useful life and woven in form of a mesh to remove the dead skin. For this reason, it is the best product for the care of your body. Use it during the bath, in order to massage the skin while helping to oxygenate it and improve the circulation.

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Mesh Sponge, Peeling from Beter. Exfoliate your skin to make soft and shining.

Mesh Sponge, Peeling from Beter is what you were looking for completing the hygiene and cleanliness of your body. Moreover, it is made of nylon and woven in form of a mesh, which allows you to take care of your body by removing the dead skin cells, leaving it soft and shining.

If you are one of those people that want to have the skin soft, clean and smooth, then this sponge is perfect for you. Surelly, many times it has happened to you that after a shower your skin is not clean enough or after applying a moisturizer, it is not completely absorbed. Then, your only choice is to use the product described here. In fact, it is a super practical sponge whose function is to exfoliate softly to remove the dead skin cells produced every day. By being made of nylon and woven in form of a mesh, you will stimulate the circulation with a massage that will make feel good, as you exfoliate the skin, to give it softness and a healthy-looking appearance.

When exfoliating your skin using Mesh Sponge, Peeling from Beter you will be oxygenating it and stimulating the blood circulation, which will provide the nutrients necessary for your skin to be shining. Furthermore, you can use the sponge with your favorite bath soap or gel. Additionally, to keep the sponge clean, it is recommended to wash the soap out and then let it dry by using the cord it features.

A skin care routine is very important and to keep it soft and hydrated is necessary to be on a good diet and drink enough water daily. In addition, it is important to have the means that help to show off a healthy and beautiful skin. For all that, Better thinking of you and your skin's needs has designed Mesh Sponge, Peeling from Beter, which provides your skin with the benefits it needs.

Facts of Mesh Sponge, Peeling from Beter:

  • Made of long lasting and hard-wearing nylon.
  • Woven especially in the form of a mesh to exfoliate your skin while it is massaged.
  • Features a small cord to hang it anywhere you want.
  • When using it on the skin you stimulate its oxygenation and the circulation of the blood.

If you want to have a perfect skin, smooth and healthy-looking, you must exfoliate it with Mesh Sponge, Peeling from Beter on a daily basis. Finally, with this sponge you will help to oxygenate it, to remove dead skin cells and you will favour the circulation of blood. What´s more! You will leave everyone speechless with your super soft and young-looking skin!

Recommended use: in order to exfoliate the skin during a shower, remove dead cells and give greater effectiveness to a moisturiser. Rub with precaution.

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